5 Incredible Magicians That Will Leave Your Guests Speechless

Jon Dorenbos

Written by Tim Grable

December 6, 2019

Imagine a situation where you would have to capture an audience’s attention, what kind of tactics would you use?  People love to see a performance that can offer them something new and exciting. If that’s what you’re aiming to exhibit at your event, then a magic show is your go-to solution.

Over the years, we have found that professional entertainment works wonders in terms of keeping guests engaged and attentive.  However, to pull that off, you’ll need the perfect magician. In the following article, we will showcase a few of the best magicians who fit into that category.

And in the following article, we will showcase 6 incredible magicians who leave the audience completely mesmerized with their unbelievable set of skills.  The performance they manage to put is, and your audience will surely be blown away!

How to Find the Perfect Magician for Your Event

1. Jon Dorenbos

If you’re looking to offer your guests an experience that will stick with them for many years to come, then you should look into hiring Jon Dorenbos for your event.

He’s a magician who needs no introduction, as he rose to international prominence when Jon participated in America’s Got Talent, where he showcased his unique blend of inspirational close-up magic.

Jon Dorenbos, 4 Incredible Magicians That Will Leave Your Guests Speechless

After his successful run on AGT, he took his magic show on tour, where he had the chance to perform in front of audiences from across the entire country.

Those who’ve seen his premiere magic act testify that they engaged from the beginning and enjoyed every second of it.

2. Tom London

Tom London is one of our incredible magicians and public speaker who successfully combines creative storytelling with elements of magic. He specializes in using all sorts of new technology to create intricate magic shows.

Tech and gadgets are his favorite topics, and he uses his talents to showcase the amazing possibilities of new and emerging technologies.

Tom London

He has gotten worldwide attention after auditioning on America’s Got Talent, where he showcased an unbelievable mentalism trick.

He has been hailed as one of the most incredible magicians from the show. And those who have seen the trick often say he had to time travel to do it. In the case of Tom London, that may very well be true!

3. Eric Dittelman

Often, the best magicians aren’t those who startle you, but those who make you laugh.

If you have been up to date with the latest talent shows, you’ll most likely recognize Eric Dittelman. He doubles as both mind-reader and comedian, managing to surprise the audience while simultaneously making them laugh.

Eric Dittelman

He has made appearances on pretty much all of the popular talent shows, where he brought audiences a refreshing dose of entertainment. He has been on America’s Got Talent, Ellen, Comedy Central, and Penn & Teller.

On Penn & Teller, his performance entered in the show’s history as having some of the most audacious of tricks ever performed.

4. Eric Buss

Eric Buss is a high-energy magician who brings a unique take to his magic act, by combining it with elements of stand-up comedy and also making use of a wide range of interesting props.

During his performance, you will get the chance to see him showcase all sorts of crazy inventions he’ll use to entertain the audience.

Eric Buss

One of his inventions, the bubble-wrap bike, was so outlandish that it became an internet sensation, leading to him being invited on numerous TV shows.

His inventions may be the main attraction, but his sense of humor and masterful display of magic is what keeps people’s interest peaked at all times.

5. Jeff Hobson

Jeff Hobson is well-known for his theatrical display of magic he combines with a healthy dose of comedy. This makes him one of the busiest comedy magicians in the industry.

His impressive showmanship has garnered him multiple awards and nominations, including a lot of features on highly respected television series, such as HBO, Fox Family’s Masters of Illusion and NBC’s World’s Greatest Magic – just to name a few.

How to Find the Perfect Magician for Your Event

His signature performance is centered on sleight of hand tricks. And he is a master at performing the crowd’s favorite – the disappearing watch trick!

During this performance, Jeff calls a few members of the audience on stage. And without them ever noticing, he makes their wristwatches disappear.

Only by the end of the performance, when Jeff hands them the watch, they eventually do realize they’ve been swindled.

Regardless of how many times he’s performed this, Jeff has never been caught. And the crowd absolutely loves it each time. He is the perfect magician to keep an audience entertained.

6. Chuck King

Chuck King is no stranger to the entertainment industry. He is a veteran performer, with over 20 years of performing at corporate events and comedy clubs.

He is a Master Stage Hypnotist, being able to entrance even the biggest unbelievers. The main focus of his show is when he invites multiple audience members on stage and puts them all to sleep.

You could say Chuck’s show is all about hypnotism, yet he turns it into much more than that. He has an interesting way of approaching his performance, by adding elements of stand-up comedy and magic.

chuck king

For example, Chuck warms up the audience with a series of small close-up magic tricks. And during the entire time, while he is on stage, Chuck takes advantage of every opportunity to deliver some of the most exceptional gallows humor.

The Chance to Work with These Incredible Magicians

The magicians featured in this article all have a proven record of providing entertainment of the highest quality. That is why you can expect them to put on a show which will be remembered for a long time!  Any one of these amazing magicians can provide entertainment of the highest quality – and if any of them has caught your attention, then why not book their services for an upcoming event?

Yes, you’ve read that right. You can have them perform at your event, and we can help you with all the necessary preparations.  If you’re interested in booking their services, then do not hesitate to call (615) 283-0039 and we will assist you!

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