4 Of The Most Breathtaking Magic Acts Done On Live Television

Colin Cloud

Written by Tim Grable

December 8, 2019

Magic as entertainment has been around since ancient times, encompassing a wide variety of acts – from sleight of hand to smoke-and-mirrors trickery and acts which required impressively high pain thresholds.

Today, however, it seems like magicians have to work harder than ever to impress modern and often cynical audiences.

Still, some have managed to rise to the challenge and deliver mind-boggling magic acts which not only meet expectations but exceed them.

Colin Cloud

1. Colin Cloud

A forensic scientist turned magician. Colin Cloud has earned a reputation as one of the best stage mentalists.

Originally from Scotland, Colin astonishes his audience with his exceptionally-visual and hugely entertaining demonstrations, which seem to disregard logic bluntly.

When Colin’s on stage, audiences gasp. And laugh. All while being overtaken by a sense of pure excitement and joy.

In the video below, you can watch his breathtaking performance from the semi-finals of America’s Got Talent Season 13. This has to be the closest thing to authentic mind-reading right now.

2. Shin Lim

Born in Canada, Shin Lim is an intense illusionist who has taken the entertainment industry by storm with his elaborate close-up card magic routines and show-stopping productions.

His use of card manipulation and sleight of hand have been praised by some of the industry’s greats, including famous illusionists Penn and Teller.

Shin Lim also earned a distinct place in America’s Got Talent history, winning in consecutive years (AGT Season 13 and AGT Champions).

This was his final performance from America’s Got Talent: The Champions, and it’s quite probably one of the best magic acts in AGT’s history. You need to watch this.

3. Dom Chambers

Dom Chambers was only six-years-old when he decided he wanted to become a magician.

Inspired by his grandfather to go into magic, Dom Chambers has worked his way up and became an internationally award-winning magician and comedian.

Dom Chambers was also featured on the hit international TV series, ‘Penn & Teller: Fool Us!’ and was the first and only Australian solo act to make it into the semi-finals of America’s Got Talent. ​

Today, he’s best known for his innovative live magic acts, which often make use of modern technology.

If you’re curious to see him in action, you can watch one of his performances on America’s Got Talent in the video below.

4. Ben Seidman

You may remember Ben Seidman from Netflix’s “Brainchild” in which he guest-starred on three episodes or from the show Magic Outlaws on Travel Channel.

An American sleight-of-hand performer, actor, and comedian, he is known for his magic routines, which feature hilarious stand-up comedy and fascinating true stories.

Audiences love him for his energy and playfulness on stage, as well as for his friendly personality.

Check out one of his sensational television performances captured in the video below and get ready to be thoroughly entertained.

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