4 of the Best Sleight of Hand Magicians from Penn and Teller

Best Sleight of Hand Magicians

Written by Tim Grable

March 3, 2020

Running for almost six seasons now, Penn and Teller’s incredibly popular reality show, Fool Us, has had its fair share of performers. From close-up magicians to illusionists, mentalists, and what not – the show has featured a bit of everything throughout its run.

This time, we will have a look at some of our favorites, the sleight of hand magicians. They are the tricksters who can do many wondrous things with only their dexterous hands and a few props.

Buckle up and be sure to keep your eyes peeled, as, in this article, you will see some of the best displays of sleight of hand from the entire run of Penn and Teller’s: Fool Us.

4 of the Best Sleight of Hand Magicians from Penn and Teller

1. Ondřej Pšenička

Ondřej Pšenička has a fascinating case on Fool Us. He’s among the few magicians who have managed to fool Penn and Teller twice. He made his debut on the show during the 4th season and has made a return in the 6th season.

He is a close-up magician, and he likes to perform card tricks to confuse the viewers. In both his appearances on Fool Us, he performed a series of incredible tricks.

One of them even involved him eating a beetle to channel his magical powers and to guess what card Alyson chose.

Penn & Teller Get Fooled - Ondrej Psenicka

2. Mathieu Bich

Mathieu Bich is a French magician who creates intricate magic tricks which puzzle audiences and leaves everyone scratching their head. He often uses cards to perform his tricks, but he has also used a few other props.

For example, during his appearance on Penn and Teller, he used a beach ball and a custom set of blank cards that had nothing printed on them. He threw the ball at the audience, and the people who caught it got to choose a card.

Then, Mathieu would shuffle the blank deck and would pick words out of it, eventually spelling out the exact card the audience picked.

3. Paul Gertner

Paul Gertner is a veteran of the industry and one of the best sleight of hand magicians in the game. He has been in the biz for more than three decades now, and his appearance on Penn and Teller proved he’s still on top.

The YouTube video featuring his distinctive card trick performed at Fool Us has even gone viral, racking up over 8 million views on the platform. We wouldn’t want to spoil the trick, but keep in mind that Paul is an expert shuffler.

He can rearrange and order cards in the deck at a whim in just one shuffle. And he can do it as many times as he wants, putting cards in order, matching them by color, and can even spell words on the side of the deck with them.

4. Mahdi Gilbert

Mahdi Gilbert is a card magician from Toronto, Canada. His case is different from many sleight of hand magicians out there because of the fact he was born without hands.

Due to his situation, he has become self-sufficient and has invented techniques to fit his condition. Penn even jokingly said Mahdi might be cheating because he is the only one to know how these techniques are done.

During the show, he fooled both the hosts and the audience through a neat little trick, where he shuffled and ordered a set of 6 cards as they were laid face-down on the table.

Sleight of Hand Magicians and Many More…

Sleight of hand tricks are impressive, and the best part about them is that even if you pay full attention, you still won’t figure out how they’re done.

Be sure not to blink because you wouldn’t want to miss seeing them live. Having a magician to perform live at your event will surely have the audience on the edge of their seats.

Are you considering to hire one for your next event? In that case, be sure to give us a call at (615) 283-0039, and we will help you with the arrangements!

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