Top 3 Mentalism Acts which Will Make You Doubt Everything

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Written by Tim Grable

October 16, 2017

Certain kinds of entertainment will never cease to enchant audiences of all age groups.

It is the case with mentalism acts, which carry a particular vibe of mystery.

People react to the always-wondrous mind games mentalists specialize in, partly because the human mind is in itself an enigma which entices intrigue.

If intrigue is what you seek to bring to your event, you are in the right place to learn about three masters of the illusionism craft.

Top 3 Mentalism Acts which Will Make You Doubt Everything

1. The Clairvoyants

Vienna-based Thommy Ten and Amélie van Tass have teamed up to develop an illusionism concept for a worldwide audience.

This concept relies on the couple’s psychic abilities, which they acknowledged 6 years ago, while they were dating.

So, it was only a matter of time until they created their brand of awe-inspiring mentalism acts. The recipe for success? Amélie brings her rare clairvoyance skills, while Thommy rounds up the performance with his stage presence.

These acts were the delight of audiences on cruises, galas, shows, corporate events and – last but not least – America’s Got Talent (season 11).

At the NBC show, they charmed their way up to the runner-up position due to channeling skills like:

  • an astonishing display of intuition
  • suspense
  • audience interaction
  • stage presence
  • ingenious use of TV production elements.

In all seriousness, it is hard to wrap your mind around how they manage to nail every one of their performances. Guests will be in awe at the power of Amelie and Tommy’s display of mentalist abilities – this clip will best explain why:

2. Oz Pearlman

In the introduction of this article, we mentioned the widespread appeal mentalist acts have. This means there are lots of talented performers who specialize in this sought-after entertainment branch and it is harder for them to stand out from their fellow mentalists.

This is not the case with Oz Pearlman, however.

He is that kind of presence which instantly enlivens and elevates an event – even if that event happens to be broadcast in prime time on national television.

We are referring to Pearlman’s appearance on season 10 of America’s Got Talent, an appearance which made him the 3rd most voted for contestant during the finale.

The reasons he appealed to so many viewers can be found among his act’s characteristics:

  • lively, interactive presence
  • well-structured elements
  • instant charisma
  • instant connection with the audience.

As proven in front of millions of people, Oz Pearlman can deliver flawless performances with his well-staged acts which are not to be quickly forgotten.

3. Eric Dittelman

Refreshing, laid-back and instantly recognizable? These are attributes which few mentalist acts manage to present within a few minutes’ span.

However, there are a few seasoned performers who manage that – and one of them is Eric Dittelman.

Not all mentalists can pride themselves in being as skilled at combining mentalism with comedy as Eric is. Here’s just a snippet of his talent:

What if You Had One of These Mentalism Acts at Your Event?

Although all three of them are quite in-demand, you can still check with The Grable Group here to see whether they are available.

In case they are not, you can rest assured: our agency has lots of similar acts to put at your disposal – you just need to take the time and leaf through our list of mentalism acts.

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