Top Virtual Magicians for When You Need to Make Magic Happen

Top Virtual Magicians digital magician

Written by Tim Grable

August 27, 2020

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Top Virtual Magicians

Looking for a way to spruce up your online events?

Whether you’re planning a company party, an employee appreciation event, a celebratory meeting, or just about any other virtual meetup, booking digital magician as entertainment for the occasion will help you create a memorable experience for all those involved.  The magicians you’ll find in our portfolio can cater to various online events and groups.

No matter the size of your audience, or the type of virtual events you are hosting, our performers can tweak their acts so that it best supports your specific goals and needs.  Artists such as Colin Cloud, Tom Pesce, and Derek Hughes are perfect for kicking off your video conference call or closing off a webinar series with a bang.

Their performances work as standalone shows. However, our digital magicians can also pop in between speaker sessions, making your event more fun and interactive.  Below, you will find even more about some of our top virtual magicians who you can count on to lift the spirits and engage your guests.

Wayne Hoffman, Virtual Illusionist

Wayne Hoffman

Host an interactive virtual Zoom magic show by booking mentalist Wayne Hoffman, who has created a new virtual mind-reading and illusion show entitled “Distant Deceptions.”

Wayne has passed a rigorous assessment of his equipment and skills, presenting remotely using platforms such as Zoom, WebEx, or GoToMeeting. So, you can rest assured knowing your event will go off without a hitch if you book this Certified Virtual Presenter.

Joe M. Turner, Digital Magician

He has also seen great success with his after-dinner magic programs, which both educate and entertain remote guests.  With his virtual program: “Memory Mojo: Tools and Techniques for Instantly Improving Your Memory,” Joe M. Turner teaches mnemonic memory systems, which will make it easy for your guests to remember everything from dates and appointments, to names and faces.

Rip-roaring visual and psychological illusions are included further to enhance the impact and effectiveness of his presentations. Former clients include The Coca-Cola Company, North Highlands Consulting, and International Tour Management Institute.

Ben Seidman, Virtual Magician

Ben was a regular at corporate events around the country. But when attending in-person events was no longer possible, Ben adapted his usual performances and created a live virtual magic show, allowing audiences to experience the wonder of magic together.  He’s now one of the top virtual magicians you can book today!

Interactive segments in which remote participants have their minds read through a screen, exciting demonstrations of sleights-of-hand, easy tutorials that teach guests basic magic tricks – all contribute to creating an unforgettable show.

Digital Deception, Online Magic 

Top Virtual Magicians digital magician

Perfect for digital events that aim to delight and amaze, Digital Deception will add that wow factor, which so many online events lack.

Booking Digital Deception means not having to miss out on the excitement and interactivity of a live event.  “Alakazoom” is one of Digital Deception’s most popular programs. The tech-savvy, two-person magic, and virtual mentalism act is sure to captivate your online participants’ attention.

Highly-esteemed companies such as Google, Twilio, and WeWork are just a few of Digital Deception’s former clients. You can be next.  In the hands of a creative entertainer, magic and mentalism can translate beautifully to a digital-based experience.

Bring your clients or employees together for a highly-interactive and mind-blowing experience that takes online events to the next level with a digital magician.  Book one of our top virtual magicians today!

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