9 Unique Performances as Seen on America’s Got Talent (updated for 2021)

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Written by Tim Grable

August 14, 2018

AGT is known for featuring some of the best unique acts from all over the world which turned the show into a celebration of creativity, talent, and authentic expression.  America’s Got Talent not only features amazing unique performances, but it can also provide much inspiration when it comes to entertainment options for your next events.

If you’re one of the million viewers of AGT, then the chances are you’ve seen at least once a performer you would have liked to book for your event.

On the other hand, if you don’t watch AGT, you’re still probably aware of the high-quality entertainment presented on each episode.

Unique Performances You May Have Missed on America’s Got Talent

3 Unique Performances as Seen on America's Got Talent

1. The Sacred Riana

The Sacred Riana was most certainly one of the most bizarre, mystical, entertaining and unexpected performances seen on the show.

Riana is an Indonesian magician and illusionist with a distinct appearance. If you’ve ever seen the Japanese horror classic movie The Ring, then you’ll notice the resemblance between her look and the vengeful ghost from the film.

Magicians and illusionists use words to communicate with the audience during the act – but it’s not the case for Riana.

When she’s on stage, she will rarely use words to express what she’s doing. Instead, Riana’s act is characterized by head and hand twitching movements, she has a flat facial expression and black hair which covers most of her face.

All of this helps her get into character and create a story around the act.

You can watch the video below to see one of her extraordinary, unique acts from AGT season 13.

2. The KriStef Brothers

The KriStef Brothers were a hand balancer duo act which made it to the finals of AGT season 8.

Even though Kristofer and Stefan are not actual siblings, they both come from generations of circus families and performance talents.

They started performing together since they were kids. Kristofer’s father worked in the Italian circus, and he taught both of them acrobatics in their backyard.

Stefan’s mother was a Prima Ballerina, and so she did ballet training with them.

The KriStef Brothers found it natural to make jokes and be funny, even when they were kids, but Stefan’s father helped them hone their clown skills even more.

The duo not only specializes in head to head acrobatics, balancing acts, but they are also fantastic at introducing offbeat comedy into their shows.

Check out the video below to see what they’re all about.

3. Sergey and Sasha

Sergey and Sasha were an acrobatic duo act which was seen on AGT season 10, and they even returned on season 13.

Father and daughter form the duo act. Sergey received his circus acrobat degree after he graduated from the Republican Studio Variety Circus Arts in Tashkent in 1981.

Since then, he performed all around the world, at all kinds of international festivals. When her daughter, Sasha, was five years old, Sergey started performing with her. In 2009 and 2010, she was even featured on Poland’ Got Talent.

Sasha is now 15 years old and performs with her father unique acts which will take your breath away.

You can see in the video below one of their performances from AGT.

4.Champions Forever

If you are looking for a unique show that will entertain a crowd, you will want to consider the Champions Forever Spintacular Basketball Show. The show consists of spinning basketballs and riding unicycles in a way that most people have never seen. It is a show that will put a smile on any crowd’s face.  magine watching a show that displays this man spinning 21 basketballs at the same time. Numerous basketballs spinning on his toes, ankles, legs, hips, fingers, nose and head all at the same time. The unicycle riding by the family is entertainment by itself, but when they are all spinning basketballs at the same time, you cannot help to be amazed.


5) Joe Castillo

Joe Castillo does things you will not believe with sand. That is his entire show! You watch as he creates the most incredible masterpieces on a light table that is projected on a screen. You will be mesmerized by how easily the piece comes together for him – the sand seems to move at his will.


6) Dana Daniels

Dana Daniels has been recognized as one of the most popular comedian magicians working today. The Academy of Magical Arts awarded him the Comedy Magician of the Year prize and the Two Time Stage Magician of the Year.

Clients love Dana’s performances because he’s got a quick wit, he can easily adapt to any situation, and most importantly, he adds a twist to his magic shows which separate him from other magicians.

His psychic parrot Luigi proves to be the perfect partner in crime. Dana brings to light Luigi’s clairvoyant skills by finding chosen cards, reading the mind of someone using a mobile phone, or turning a bill into bird food.

If you want to shock your audience (in a good way), then Dana Daniels will help you achieve this. Here’s a quick sneak peek from one of these performances.

7) Mike Super

Mike Super is a magician well-known in the entertainment industry because he was not only a finalist on America’s Got Talent season 9, but the winner of the NBC show Phenomenon.

This achievement made him the only magician in history to win a live magic competition on a primetime US network television.

Mike Super became utterly fascinated with magic at the age of six while he was visiting a magic shop in Walt Disney World. That trip inspired him to start learning magic tricks.

Since then, he realized he has a natural talent for entertaining people with his down-to-earth style and personality. Best of all, his shows cater to audiences of all ages, so regardless of the attendees’ age, Mike’s magic will delight them with doubt.

You can see in the video below a portion of one of his unique performances on America’s Got Talent.

8) Ivan Pecel

Ivan Pecel is a multi-skilled entertainer – he’s an award-winning juggler, comedian, and actor. What makes him a unique performer is the fact he will help your audience see juggling in a different light.

Ivan combines his stand-up comedy skills with his acrobatics skills to deliver an unforgettable show.

No matter the size of the venue or the number of people he needs to entertain, Ivan Pecel is up for the challenge. In his shows, he will kick a flaming torch over his head or juggle ping pong balls using only his mouth, while making your audience laugh out loud.

Watch the video below to see Ivan’s unique approach to juggling.

9) Bob Stromberg

Bob Stromberg’s unique comedic style entertains audiences with family humor that and always leaves them wanting more.

When he appeared as a contestant on TV’s’ “America’s Got Talent,” he received a standing ovation from the audience and a strong endorsement from fellow comedian and judge, Howie Mandell. “You wowed us!” said Mandell. “I liked your character! I liked your voice, and I like you!”

Countless corporate clients like General Mills, Sonic, and American Family Insurance all agree. Everyone who sees Bob Stromberg in person leaves with a happy feeling and liking the standup comic.

Interested in Booking These Top Unique Performances?

Thanks to America’s Got Talent, event planners can discover plenty of talented performers they can hire for their events.

High-quality entertainment will improve your chances of organizing a successful event, so why not take advantage of these amazing acts?

Do you want to impress your audience with a show they probably have never seen before? Then one of these three talented entertainers can help with this.

Their performances will help you delight the attendees and turn your event into a success.

Contact us at (615) 283-0039 if you want to request more details about booking one of them.

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