Top 4 Performances from Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions That Stood Out

Britain's Got Talent: The Champions

Written by Tim Grable

August 2, 2022

Over the years, we have seen many amazing performances throughout the Got Talent franchise. However, we must admit the ones from the Champions spin-off edition are taken to the next level.

This article will look at Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions and showcase our favorite performances from the show.

It was a difficult decision, but we have boiled down our choice to 4 performances that stood out. Be sure to read on and tell us what you think!

4. Germany’s Most Amazing Dog Act

The audience has very well received most dog acts that have ever been on the Got Talent franchise. There’s something about seeing dogs perform tricks that always keeps people interested.

Young Alexa Lauenburger, a dog trainer, was only 9 years old when she won the 2017 edition of Das Talent (Germany’s Got Talent). And only 2 years later, she would once again showcase her unique dog act on the stage of BGT: The Champions.

During the show, she and her dogs performed a series of circus-inspired tricks, and she even had all 8 of them do the conga dance. It was simply adorable, and even Simon agreed it was the best dog act he had ever seen!

3. The Most Emotional Comeback Performance

Fans of Britain’s Got Talent will surely remember Bars and Melody; they were the rap duo who auditioned for the show back in 2014.

Their emotional performance of an anti-bullying anthem got them the Golden Buzzer, and it even went viral on the internet – effectively marking the beginning of their musical career.

A few years later, the duo would return on BGT: The Champions, giving the judges and the audience a trip down memory lane. They performed on the show as they would do in any of their live shows, showcasing how much they have developed as entertainers.

2. The Return of the Wheel of Death

Bello Nock has made a name for himself on the Got Talent franchise by performing some of the most dangerous stunts on the show.

In 2017, when he auditioned for America’s got Talent, Bello performed a sway pole stunt, marking the beginning of the multiple death-defying acts he would perform on the show – among which would be the Wheel of Death.

Come 2019, Bello, along with his daughter Annaliese, would bring an even bigger version of the Wheel of Death on Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions, giving audiences even more reasons to be thrilled.

Words cannot accurately describe how impressive the Wheel of Death is, but you can see it in its full glory in the following video:

1. When the Audience Was Moved to Tears

Darcy Oake is an illusionist and stage magician from Canada. Normally, he focuses on performing illusions and playing with the audience’s minds – you can never be too sure what to expect from him.

We said typically because on BGT: The Champions, Darcy decided to go for something, unlike everything he had performed before. He did a story-driven illusion act that would take the audience back into Darcy’s childhood.

It was done in remembrance of his brother, whom he had lost at the age of 23. This act was light on flashy techniques, but instead, it focused on telling a story – as it was meant to reach the audience’s heart.

As Seen on Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions

BGT and the entire Got Talent franchise is a staple for how entertainment should be done.

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