What Makes Andy Gross a Multi-Talented Artist

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Written by Tim Grable

July 31, 2017

Planning an event and are now looking for that perfect entertainer who will give your guests a show to remember?

Are you feeling a bit stressed that a corporate event is coming up and you still haven’t chosen an entertainer? Well, don’t. Your stress may just go away after you read this article.


Well, you’ve come to the right place, because we have an excellent suggestion lined up for you: Andy Gross  – an entertainer of many talents.

We are kind of sure that Andy is an entertainer with whom you will fall in love.

Are you curious to learn more about him?

Keep on reading to discover how he can make your event stand out.

In this article, we are going to go through some of the abilities which make him a multi-talented artist who can turn any event into a memorable experience for everyone involved.  

So, keep on reading.

Comedy, Illusion, Magic, Ventriloquism and Theater

What Makes Andy Gross a Multi-Talented Artist

Andy is a master at all of these things. He knows how to make people laugh. Andy Gross knows magic and how to play with people’s minds. He is a great actor, and lastly, he blows people’s perception with his ventriloquism acts.

Andy is one of the most sought after multi-talented performers today, especially for corporate events.

The evidence?

All of his shows are always sold out, and the videos he has been posting online have over 100 million views. He performed in various places until now, such as:

  • Comedy clubs;
  • In Las Vegas;
  • Cruise ships;
  • For 500 fortune corporate events;
  • Colleges.

Even his peers in the entertainment industry recognize Gross as one of the best performers out there.

If his name sounds familiar to you, then you may have heard or seen Andy before. He has had plenty of TV appearances, which includes The Ellen Show and NBC television.

Witty Comedian

Andy Gross is one of the hottest corporate entertainers in the industry today.

His success is in part due to his unique style of comedy, which many say resembles that of iconic comedians such as Robin Williams or Don Rickles.

On stage, he uses humor to get his audience to unwind, and he is successful every single time, as evidenced by the fact that he is invited to perform at over 180 events every year.

He is more than a skilled comedian, though. That is just one of his many skills. You will discover a few of the rest in the following lines.

  What Makes Andy Gross a Multi-Talented Artist

Magic and Illusionism Master

How would you react if you saw a man who was cut in half running towards you?

That is the kind of jaw-dropping performances you can expect from Andy, the kind which will leave all of your guests wondering “How in the world did he do that?!”

It is true that some of his acts might seem a bit extreme. Because he is so skilled as a magician, his illusions seem incredibly real, which can sometimes lead to people having strong reactions to them.

On stage, he always gives 100%. However, Andy has managed to establish a strong presence off-stage as well.

His videos showcasing his amazing abilities as a magician in action have over 100 million views online – and counting!

You can check out one of his most-viewed clips on YouTube right now (it is the one showing the spooky, but hilarious, cut in half illusion).

Theater and Ventriloquist Expert

As if his abilities as a comedian and magician would not be enough, Andy has another however up his sleeve which he can employ to wow an audience.

We are talking about his abilities as a ventriloquist, which is further elevated by his theatrical skills.

His voice throwing is incredible to hear as well, a skill very few other entertainers have come to master.

All these combined help him build a strong presence on stage which keeps audiences immersed have the moment (instead of looking down at their watches wondering how much longer it will be until the performance comes to an end).What Makes Andy Gross a Multi-Talented Artist

Andy Gross Has Always Been An Achiever

At the age of 15, Andy “became the youngest professional racquetball player in the history of the sport,” according to his website. This says a lot about how ambitious he is, especially because racquetball was at its peak in popularity.

His achievements do not stop here. He then managed to win more professional tournaments than any other player. At the age of 26, he retired from playing racquetball and devoted his full time to the entertainment industry.

As it turns out, this was clearly the right decision to make given his success.

Spice Up Your Corporate Event With A Multi-Talented Performer

Here’s an idea. Instead of hiring a stand-up comedian or a magician for your event, why not have them both? Moreover, no, we are not saying to hire two people but one who has multiple talents – like Andy.

Since you will have a few different forms of entertainment for the event, your audience will not feel bored.

Just take a quick peek at this video to see what kind of show Andy can put on.

Pretty amazing, right?

Andy’s success is mainly due to his spellbound talent. Additionally, he is a master at combining comedy, magic, and ventriloquism in a unique performance.

Have you ever heard someone throwing his voice? There are only a handful of people in the entire world who can do this and Andy is one of them. You truly have to see him in person to hear and see how flawlessly he does it.

Andy Gross at Your Next Event? Why Not!

Andy is one of those rare entertainers who can wear many different hats on stage with ease.

By blending magic and illusionism with comedy and ventriloquism, he can make your audience laugh, gasp and clap with excitement, all while providing a fun and interactive experience.

So, if this is something you want for your guests, go ahead and book Andy Gross as soon as possible.

Your audience will get a chance to see a multi-talented performer as they have never seen before, and you will have the satisfaction of having made an excellent entertainment choice.

Andy Gross has more 150 shows per year and is currently living in Los Angeles with his family. If you are thinking about booking him, you need to hurry up. Give us a call at (615) 283-0039, so we can discuss your event.

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