Why ‘Exhilarating’ Is the Best Attribute for Bob Stromberg’s Comedy Acts

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Written by Tim Grable

August 22, 2017

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about describing the entertainment for an event?

Regardless of your answer, we know for sure that “exhilarating” should be one of the words to describe it.

So, if you want an exhilarating and invigorating performance at your next event, you should keep reading to find out more about Bob Stromberg.

Stromberg is a hilarious performer, but London Metro did not call his performance “Stunning!” for his clean comedy standup, but his great shadow puppets act.

Moreover, it fully deserves its feedback. Once the performance starts, you cannot stop watching and laughing alongside him. Let me tell you more why this will be the best entertainment you have ever witnessed.

What Makes Bob Stromberg a Great Entertainer

Corporate Comedy, the kind which incorporates good storytelling with clean jokes, is what made Stromberg known in the first place. Moreover, he went beyond that by becoming a keynote speaker as well.

He is the type of spokesman who is not just inspiring, but also entertains the audience. He instills powerful messages and uses humor to break down walls and connect with his audience.

You can get a better idea of his speaker experience by listening to his own words:

Bob Stromberg Is Timeless

Bob is an energetic standup comedian, a storyteller, and a hand shadows performer.

His comedy style is engaging, unique, inspiring by telling the truth and makes audiences want to see more of him.

Why 'Exhilarating' Is the Best Attribute for Bob Stromberg's Acts

So far, Bob has worked with quite a few Fortune 500 companies, such as General Mills, Cargill, Sonic and American Family Insurance.

Aside from performing for corporations, he also helped nonprofit organizations. Here are just some of them: The American Cancer Society, The American Brain Tumor Association, Children’s Hospitals, United Way.

Bob did not stop here, and he teamed up with top Hollywood stars in the Not For Sale Campaign to end human trafficking.

His performance got the recognition it deserved because Bob Stromberg won the Clio Award, which is a highly prestigious award for the American advertising industry.

We should also not forget about the fact that Bob was the co-author and co-star in the theatrical comedy show Triple Espresso (a Highly Caffeinated Comedy), which broke box office records worldwide.

Now, let’s see how he manages to lift any event to the next level by generating the feeling of exhilaration.

Bob Connectssinger, artist

One of the most critical aspects which ensure there is engagement between the performer and the audience is the connection which the former establishes.

Bob is genuine, and audiences can see that about him.

In a matter of minutes, the walls between them crumble, and the connection is formed.

Bob Understands

The event is all about you and your guests, and Bob understands this very well. That is why he will never cross any limits during his show.

And so, there’s one thing he never does: offending the audience.

Bob knows and understands that Comedy is subjective, and so not everyone from the audience might enjoy his jokes or performance overall.

Bob Delivers

Any event is important to him, no matter its size.

This means that if he’s booked to be the emcee, keynote speaker or the standup comedian at your event, Bob will treat any performance with professionalism and will not disappoint.

He will keep your audience engaged, and so your guests will be thrilled that they attended your event.

The Icing on the Cake: Shadow Puppets

Now you know Bob Stromberg is a great entertainer, but what makes him great is his hand shadow performance.

The act can be a whole show on its own. He combines storytelling and high-quality humor with lights and music to get the most significant laughter from his audience.

His shadow puppets performance was even featured on the Steve Harvey Show:

The Complete Experience for the Audience

There is an apparent reason why even Brian Horanoff, Owner of BGL Asset Services, who had him at his event, had to say this about Bob Stromberg:

“Bob was organized in a friendly way and professional. The shadow puppets were hilarious.”

His hand shadow acts have everything live entertainment needs:

  • Eye-catching visual impact
  • A memorable story
  • Clean Comedy intertwined with the characters and events
  • Including members of the audience as part of the shadow puppets act
  • A complete entertainment experience that includes excellent music
  • A focus point for the audience on his textile screen.

Those are the reason why the London Metro appreciated his performance and also why the London Times thought Stromberg is “… a genuinely funny man”.

Especially for being the co-author and original star of the megahit theatrical comedy, Triple Espresso.

His performance makes the experience last in the memory of the audience for years to come. So being a professional is what makes working with him a delight.

Have the Live Experience for Your Own

Why London Metro Called “Stunning!" Bob Stromberg's Performance

If your event is lacking entertainment, Bob Stromberg is what you are looking for. You already know he is a varied performer who can cater to different types of events and audience of all ages.

Make Your Event Stand Out

Bob is inspiring and hilarious, thanks to the fact that he knows how to combine storytelling.

If you plan to organize a corporate event pretty soon, then we’re positive that your audience will love Bob’s keynote in which he talks about The Art of Success.

He believes that companies should nurture better people because this is the only way to achieve success.

Aside from being funny, Bob’s presentations are practical as well. The Chicago Sun-Times has called him simply “Mesmerizing.”

Do you want to mesmerize your audience at the next event you’re organizing? Then you should book Bob to perform in front of them.

Feel free to contact us to find out more details about the process of booking him.

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