Why Choose Close-Up Magic Expert Eric Jones to Stagger Your Audience?

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Written by Tim Grable

August 3, 2017

David Copperfield, David Blaine, Adam Trent and Oz Pearlman are just some of the illusionists and magicians people love because of their elegant deceiving skills. 

In today’s article, we want to discuss close-up magic, more specifically, tell you some interesting facts about Eric Jones, who is specialized at micro magic.

However, first, let’s find out what micro magic is all about.

What’s Close-Up Magic?

This type of performance usually takes place in a more intimate setting. The magician sits no more than ten feet away from his audience, and he will also use a table for the act.Why Choose Close-Up Magic Expert Eric Jones to Stagger Your Audience?

The main forms of micro magic are:

  • Card tricks
  • Coin tricks

Eric gracefully combines sleight-of-hand (using his fine motor skills to manipulate the cards and coins) and cardistry (which is the art of using the hands to create cuts, displays, fans, patterns, and sequences) into a seemingly beautiful performance.

You can see in the video below a short presentation of what he does.

Now, let’s find out why you should book Eric Jones for your next event and why your audience will love him.

1. Eric Forms a Connection with the Audience

Micromagic acts are all about getting close and personal. The guests will have the chance not only to see very clearly what the magician is doing, but they will also have the opportunity to participate in his act.

That way, Eric establishes a connection with the audience extremely quickly, right from the very beginning. Moreover, he will eliminate any doubt the audience might have about his tricks being unreal.

2. Eric’s Act Is Dynamic

In a close-up magic performance, the entertainer works with his hands almost exclusively (except when he asks the audience to help him out).

So, if you do not want to miss out on anything, you must always keep your eye on his hands and cards (or coins).

Eric Jones was actually on America’s Got Talent, season 12 and took Simon Cowell’s feedback very seriously when he said his act was not dynamic enough.

As you can see in the video below, he exceeded the judges’ expectations, especially Simon’s and proved close-up magic can be very compelling.

3. Eric Keeps Audiences Engaged

Eric dazzles any audience with his mind-blowing dexterity to entertain, astonish and deceive.

You cannot afford to look somewhere else because by losing the smallest fraction of a trick, you may miss out on a significant bit.

One trick lasts about a few minutes, which makes it easier for people to pay attention. Then, they become amazed and know there’s going to be another one.

So just like that, they are hooked!

You can see an example of how he does it in the video below.

Bring Eric’s Magic Tricks to Your Next Event

He will be on America’s Got Talent Season 12, so keep an eye out if you want to see him on the show.

In the meantime, if you want to book him for one of your events and stagger your audience, then get in touch with us so we can discuss all the details.

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