Dave Burleigh – The Funniest Impressionist You Can Hire for a San Francisco Event


Written by Tim Grable

October 27, 2017

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Comedy comes in various shapes and sizes. Just like audiences.

There’s clean comedy, parodies, stand-ups, comic theatre and opera, sketch comedy, improvisational comedy, impersonators and other genres.

Dave Burleigh is a comedian impressionist, and his performances are something you have never seen anywhere else.

You know how some people try to mimic someone else by using their voice only? Dave takes it to the next level, and he uses his face to impersonate celebrities as accurately as possible.

He does plenty of corporate events in California, including in San Francisco, so if you are looking for a different kind of entertainment, you should consider Dave Burleigh.

Let’s find out more about his talent and his impersonating skills.

Meet Comedian Impressionist Dave Burleigh

Dave got into stand-up comedy as a dare when he was in college. He performed for a couple of minutes during which he got two laughs. He was instantly hooked.

In 2005, he participated in the San Francisco Comedy Competition and became a two-time finalist. He was up against legendary comedians such as Robin Williams, Ellen DeGeneres, Marc Maron, Dane Cook and Kevin Pollak.

Dave Burleigh - The Funniest Impressionist You Can Hire for a San Francisco Event

Now, Dave is a comedian on the rise and has been entertaining audiences all over the world with his unique style of comedy.

In 2012, he performed on season 7 of America’s Got Talent in the auditions.

For this part, Dave impersonated the voices of Tom Bergeron, Nicholas Cage, Jack Black, Charlie Sheen, Gary Busey, Bruce Willis, Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn in a scenario about ‘Dancing with the Stars.’

Howard Stern was very interested in his talent and asked him a few questions about what he does. Dave had a hilarious reply saying that “I’ve got a million of impressions, but only three of them are good.”

You can see in the video below his entire performance.


The judges, Howard Stern, Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel, all voted Yes after his performance and sent him to the Vegas round.

Dave has an uncanny ability to impersonate just about any celebrity. Because of this, he got a starring role as Charlie Sheen in “Not Another Celebrity Movie,” which came out in 2013.

This year, he started a new project to challenge himself even more: to develop the most popular President Donald J. Trump character portrayal on the planet.

Dave teamed up with industry professionals to create this one-man show called “The Donald.” His appearance is amazingly accurate, and he and his writers have found a way of writing jokes which are fresh, smart and respectful of the US president.

Here’s a video which showcases his talent.

Book the Best Entertainment for Your San Francisco Event

Dave has a way of combining voice mimicking with facial and body expressions. His entire face changes whenever he impersonates someone, which adds to the amazingness of his act.

He does all kinds of events in California, primarily corporate and private. Dave Burleigh is on tour 36 weeks per year, which means that you need to hurry and book him as soon as you can if you want to have him at your San Francisco event.

Contact us right now so we can talk about your event and your entertainment needs. 

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