Looking for a Dynamic Catholic Speaker? Check Out Emily Wilson

emily wilson

Written by Tim Grable

August 15, 2017

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An experienced keynote speaker can add tremendous value to a meeting or an event. They can educate, motivate and inspire an audience in an entertaining way.

However, the right speaker for an event is not always easy to find.

We want you to have options.

In this article, we will introduce you to Emily Wilson, a driven Catholic musician, author and speaker who travels the world to share her faith, hope, and love for the Lord.

We encourage you to keep on reading and get to know this talented and passionate young speaker.

Looking for a Dynamic Catholic Speaker? Check Out Emily Wilson

A Gifted Musician and Speaker

Emily Wilson was only seven years old when – encouraged by her third-grade teacher – she sang in front of the whole church.

Soon after that, she started fulfilling the role of a music leader in church constantly. As a student at Arizona State University, Emily met famous praise and worship singer Ike Ndolo and began leading worship at a church with him.

Her passion and intensity with which she led others did not go unnoticed, and Emily was invited to speak and lead songs at dozens of national and international events.

Emily is not afraid to get real and share her past experiences during her talks. It is how she shows people in the audience that they are not alone and tries to guide them on a path which leads to self-acceptance and happiness.

She is an excellent storyteller, and the way she manages to tie the stories of scripture into the realities of everyday life makes her message easy to grasp and relate to.

A Powerful Selection of Speaking Topics

Emily’s genuine love for God and desire to help others find true faith is what inspires her to create her talks.

Her passion and deep faith fuel her presence on stage. Also, she has an incredible ability to connect with the audience genuinely, gain their confidence and make them see her as a friend.

  Bible, god, word

Both teens and adults enjoy her stories and message. That is because her topics are inspired by struggles they often experience at a personal level.

Emily loves to speak about matters of humility, self-command, and true love while challenging young men and women to live a life of virtue and chastity.

She always speaks from the heart and the way she shapes her message makes audiences respond extremely well.

Here are some of Emily’s most requested speaking topics:

  • Loved, Worthy, Blessed and Beautiful (the message of the talk can be tweaked to be relevant to either young women or teen girls)
  • He Calls You Woman  (for adult women’s conferences)
  • Rise Up (for young men)
  • God’s Timing, Power, and Provision: appropriate for all ages
  • What Is Love? (an excellent choice for teens or young adults)
  • Being a Teen in This Day and Age (a perfect option for youth conferences)

Note: Based on the particularities of your event, Emily can write a personalized talk which is in perfect accordance with the needs and goals of the event.

Do You Want Emily Wilson at Your Next Event?

As you have seen from this article, Emily Wilson is more than an inspiring keynote speaker with an incredible ability to get her message across to her audience.

She is also a passionate worship leader whose music can guide audiences into deep prayer and revelation.

If you want Emily to speak at your event, youth gatherings, women conference, high school or university, you can reach out to us at 1-615-283-0039.

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