Need Entertainment for an Event in Orlando? How about The Magic of Puck?

the magic of puck

Written by Tim Grable

June 29, 2017

One of the most challenging aspects of organizing an event is finding the right type of entertainment which can please all of your guests. The Magic of Puck may well be a perfect choice and offers you much deserved peace of mind.

While most magicians like to use cards or other props to perform on stage, Puck sets the bar higher. Instead of using just inanimate objects, he ‘uses’ your guests as well.

Sounds interesting? It is! Moreover, his show is incredibly funny and engaging.

Let’s find out more about The Magic of Puck, why and how you can book his brilliant performance for your next event.

Master Magician and Comedy Hypnotist

Malcolm “Puck” Puckering started off his career specializing in bird magic. He would masterfully use pigeons, doves, and parrots in his shows to wow the audience.

It was a huge success and Puck quickly started to tour around the world. In fact, his performance was so appreciated it got him several awards, including first place at The World Magic Summit held in the Nations Capitol.

Here’s a taste of his act:

The Dove Magic of Puck

However, Puck quickly realized his performance would be a lot better if he would get his audience more engaged. Moreover, so he did.

Here’s a small sample from one of his shows:

The Magic of Puck was highly appreciated on America’s Got Talent season 7. He started off with a simple, yet impressive, show and then stepped up for the semi-finals.

In his final performance for the show, he made one of his assistants levitate and then she miraculously appeared somewhere else. It is hard to describe it in words, so you should take a look at the following video:

The Magic of Puck - America's Got Talent-Semi-Finals 2012 AGT

Puck is also a regular on Monday Night Magic.

Why You Should Book The Magic of Puck

What’s great about Puckering’s performance is that your audience does not even need to speak or understand English to have fun. Magic is a universal language which appeals to anybody, not just children.

Using a clean corporate magician will undoubtedly make your event memorable as you can rest assured that the act will not insult anyone under any circumstance.

Additionally, you should take into account that having a headline entertainer at your event could raise attendance.

How to Book This Talented Magician

Need Entertainment for an Event in Orlando? How about The Magic of Puck?

Puckering is currently working with veteran magician Scott Alexander to combine their acts and bring for millions of viewers a new kind of magic show for the next season of America’s Got Talent.

However, The Magic of Puck is becoming one of the most sought after comic magic acts in the country. Although the effects are classic, Puck adds a new and fresh feel to all that he does. His enthusiastic approach to comedy and magic is unique and genuinely entertaining.

His years of professional experience have brought Malcolm Puckering in front of audiences ranging from New York’s off-Broadway Sullivan Street Playhouse to memorable performances for international businesses, such as the Xerox Corporation.

To book The Magic of Puck for your next event, all you need to do is get in touch with us or give us a phone call at 615-283-0039.

The Grable Group is a booking agency working with some of the best talents out there. We offer you professional services, complete with a contingency plan, in case anything goes wrong, which means much-deserved peace of mind for yourself.

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