Your Guests Will Hardly Believe Eric Dittelman’s Tricks

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Written by Tim Grable

September 20, 2017

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In the event planning world, there is a kind of entertainer everyone tries to hire – the instantly relatable one who fuses smarts with laughs in the most effortless fashion possible.

Eric Dittelman has managed to build exactly this kind of reputation. No wonder he is such an accomplished performer now, with dozens of shows under his belt.

The kind of show he has come to master is a tricky mix of mind reading and comedy. At first, the prospect of a performer playing with your mind from inches afar might not seem particularly comfortable. Still, it has grown to be one sure way to an audience’s heart. 

It is because people love to be challenged and are triggered by logic-defying demonstrations.

To illustrate this, we chose to showcase Eric Dittelman for the razor-sharp tricks which never disappoint and for the genuine guy-next-door vibe he conveys.

From Campus Entertainment to the Ellen DeGeneres Show

The Massachusetts native is one of those performers who discovered their talent during college years. Within the campus, he would often cheer people up as part of improv or sketch troupes. Later on, he went to Las Vegas to learn his craft from the best.

His instantly likable presence is a strong asset in the mentalists’ world, wherein full-on attention is required for the tricks to be successful.

Your Guests Will Hardly Believe Eric Dittelman Tricks

As a bonus, it is worth mentioning Eric Dittelman is not your average mentalist since he also fuses illusions with improv comedy and stand-up.

This formula got him featured in:

  • The Ellen DeGeneres Show
  • Entertainment Weekly
  • Rolling Stone
  • The National Enquirer

How Does He Do It?

However, the strongest argument for his success is still the immaculate quality of his mind-reading tricks. In other words, Eric will show your guests how the impossible can be achieved. Moreover, that is something which – when performed flawlessly – always instills wonder in an audience.

Not only will they be bewildered, but they may also be inspired – just like thousands of people who were awestruck by Eric’s performances at theaters, colleges, comedy clubs or corporate events.

With him, event entertainment is more than laughs. It is also a thought-provoking feast. If you dare to steer away from the classic entertainment formula, Eric is a name you would not want to miss.

In this clip, you will see proof of the AGT Season 7 semifinalists:

  • masterful wording
  • quick delivery
  • effortless scenic movement
  • smart stage setting

In this clip, you will see how he manages to blend all these elements in a captivating delivery:

3 Types of Events Eric Dittelman Was Born for

In the lines above, we mentioned Eric’s entertainment experience, but his mind reading skills are not limited just to those types of events.

You can place him in virtually any context, and he will know how to find a fitting set of tricks for:

  • private parties
  • conferences
  • charity events

The prospect of someone else influencing your actions just with their voice and gestures is a both slightly terrifying and enthralling. Nevertheless, it makes for compelling entertainment you need at any event.

Eric Dittelman is currently touring the US with his show called ‘Wonder Show’ (no wonder why). However, you will want at your event as well, so make haste and get in touch with The Grable Group team to find out when he is available.

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