Why an Eric Jones Act Is Among the Best Company Party Ideas

Eric Jones Magic Card table

Written by Tim Grable

August 9, 2017

When you are digging for company party ideas, you most likely have in mind an act that:

  • Either breaks the ice or invigorates dull moments
  • Is a safe bet to entertaining the vast majority
  • Presents a novelty factor which is striking enough

Moreover, we can see why. Company parties need to have just the right amount of laid-back atmosphere, cool vibes and tested entertainment formula. Especially when you want to rest assured everything fits right in, regardless of the size of your audience.

So without further ado, we would like to present you a solution which will help you ace the game of corporate event entertainment. Its name is Eric Jones.

Company Party Ideas – the Magic Choice

If you are on the fence as to what kind of entertainment can help you tick the boxes required for a successful night at your company party, it is time to consider illusionism acts.

Yes, we know, this seems like quite a classic mainstream option, wherein everything seems to have been said and done.

However, when it is done right – and by the good performer – it always has the potential to present a new facet.

Eric Jones is one of those artists who steps onto the stage and takes people aback. Once he starts doing his magic, you will soon realize he is one of the finest illusionists out there.Why an Eric Jones Act Is Among the Best Company Party Ideas

Eric Jones, Bringing the Swag to Magic Act

As you read above, Eric Jones has the surprise element going on. You will see your guests’ attention arrested from the first 10 seconds. Moreover, for the remainder of the act, as well.

So, it is not just about Eric’s swagger.

It is also about his experience and attentively perfected craft. Because Eric is an illusionist who has:

  • Appeared in 19 countries
  • Enthralled top-tier celebrities
  • Cultivated his corporate entertainer side

The explanation for the above accomplishments could be Eric’s skill alone. However, add to that his ability to wrap it in this kind of package, and you will get an even more accurate idea:


Now, you can see why picking him is one of the best company party ideas. Skill, charisma, fresh energy, dynamic tricks, strong all-around package.

It is All Fun and Games. Moreover, a Successful Event

If you are wondering whether Eric Jones’ specialty – close-up magic – is a good fit for larger audiences, the answer is ‘yes.’

Just using a video projector is enough to make sure everyone gets all the elements in Eric’s delivery.

In truth, Eric has the kind of act whose details deserve to be seen – that is if you can :). Because he is all about coming up with subtle moves people will need to think twice about. How did he make that possible? How wasn’t I able to spot the move in advance? The audience will marvel and wonder.

Intriguing and fresh, Eric’s tricks will get people interacting, networking and will set the tone for the rest of the night.

If you are not yet convinced of his abilities, we suggest you watch Eric on  NBC’s America’s Got Talent, when you will see his talent on full display. We would be glad to assist you with the booking process in case you make up your mind.

For more company party ideas, make haste and follow our latest blog posts and subscribe to our newsletter. We have more pieces on Eric Jones and similar magic virtuosos – to name just a few: Eric Buss, Oz Pearlman or Adam Trent.

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