4 Essential Qualities Making Eric Jones a Top Pick for Magic Entertainment

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Written by Tim Grable

August 16, 2017

If you watched season 12 of America’s Got Talent, you may have seen a young man called Eric Jones.

After having received a ‘no’ from Simon Cowell, he managed to come back swinging during the Judge Cuts and earn his spot in the Live Finals. 

If anything, this is a testament to one of Eric’s qualities – tenacity. 

In truth, this is almost a prerequisite for any magician. Like Eric could tell you, you need relentless determination and focus to master the smooth moves of a flawless illusionist act.

However, there are more traits which make Eric’s gigs ones of the best in the industry, and we selected 4 to outline in this article.4 Essential Qualities Making Eric Jones a Top Pick for Magic Entertainment

1. The Surprise Element

Too often do we take for granted the fact magic has to amuse and entertain. When, in fact, it is quite hard for magicians to come up with something exciting every time they perform. And not all of them succeed in this respect.

That is why it is admirable how Eric manages to juggle his acts with such effortlessness, while also incorporating surprising elements.

If you watch his buzzer-smashing America’s Got Talent performance, you will understand what we are talking about:

2. Low-Key Professionalism

Eric’s style is not flamboyant, but rather conveys a sense of tranquility. The performer uses a low-toned voice and trust-inspiring moves and explanations.

Eric Jones is a master of creating an atmosphere out of nothing, so you will not need to worry about the venue. He is the kind of performer who has guests sucked in into the whole act, without relying on gimmicky props to achieve this.

There’s another plus in working with Eric for corporate events.

As you have seen above, Eric rocks casual attire – which is rather unusual for magicians who are mostly dressed up formally. This shows he has given thought to appeal to another kind of audience and thus can do the same for your event.

3. Just the Right Combo

In the entertainment industry, balancing out all the elements requires both experience and the right dosage of skills.

Eric is an illusionist who has reached that level of finesse wherein he knows how much is expected in every segment of performance:

    • When to pause
    • How to write an act with the right pace
    • How to address the audience/the selected audience members, to keep them always invested
    • Posture and eye contact
    • The right dose of humor

As seen on The Next Great Magician, by the way:

Quite the reaction he got, right?

4. Smart Packaging

Eric Jones knows the tricks of the game and can play with any prop you would like.

As seen in the clip above, he can incorporate visual effects and music into his act, and the whole ensemble comes across extremely professionally.

Bonus: his tricks are cool video and GIF material, so he can easily win social media audiences, as well. You can use that to boost the attendance at your company party by sparking the interest and creating buzz.

As you had the occasion to see in the above clips, Eric comes across as a hugely accomplished magician who understands the value of smart packaging.

Eric Jones Makes It Look Easy

Now that we explored the range of Eric’s performative qualities in more detail, it is time for you to book him.

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