Why Erin Weidemann Is the Perfect Speaker for Christian Events

Written by Tim Grable

March 12, 2017

Organizing an event of any kind is both demanding and awarding. To get to the latter part, you will have to experience the first.

When planning Christian events, the gain is unparalleled. However, so is the challenge of finding the right speaker.

Allow us to help you with a valuable suggestion: Erin Weidemann. Here are few reasons to book her.

Why Erin Weidemann Is the Perfect Speaker for Christian Events

Erin Always Finds the Right Words

Like any other powerful speaker, Erin has a strong motivation which pushed her to go up on stage. She is drawn to this fascinating art of sharing ideas using words due to her passion and experience.

You see,  she is not only a speaker but also a successful writer.

Erin has published three books which are highly inspiring for children and parents alike. She wrote the award-winning volumes “The Adventures of Rooney Cruz.  This talented author always knows how to capture our interest in writing and person.

She Is a Restless Fighter

Erin is not only a great speaker, author and a loyal attendant of Christian events. She is also a cancer survivor. She managed to overcome the merciless condition five times now.

This only made her appreciate life even more.

Her passion and devotion to her family and her work are tightly connected to this personal experience.

Erin wants to give all the love she has and help others do the same through her touching words.

Her Goal Is to Give Beauty a New Meaning

Erin is bold and confident in everything she does. One of her amazing goals is to bestow a new meaning on the word ‘beauty.’

She wants to teach all of us, and especially the young ones, the real sense of being beautiful.

This endeavor is reflected in every aspect of her daily life. Erin is determined to live life beautifully and show her daughter how to do the same. This personal view is often the topic of her compelling speeches.

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Erin is a Devoted Christian

Mrs. Weidemann is a super-women. Not only does she write, raise her child and attend all sorts of events but she is also the founder and CEO of Bible Belles.

This is a multimedia publishing company which aims to educate young girls through stories.

Erin is a devoted reader of the Bible. Her passion for the holy book is a powerful source of inspiration for her work.

She knows how to address all kinds of subjects from a Christian perspective. This knowledge is one of her high points which justifies her success as a speaker.

She Is Used to Attending Christian Events

Despite her busy life and her parent responsibilities, Erin makes time for events.

Those who get a chance to know her end up loving her. She is often invited to speak at conferences, organizations, educational institutions and, of course, churches.

Our experience with events has thought us that there is a speaker for any occasion. When it comes to Christian events, we know Erin Weidemann is a trustful recommendation.

If you are ready to find out more about her availability, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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