Let Frank King Show Conference Guests How to Turn Stress into Success

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Written by Tim Grable

March 26, 2018

When you search information on Frank King, you are likely to find out he is a ‘suicide prevention and postvention speaker and trainer.’

This title sounds a bit intimidating and also doesn’t tell the whole story about Frank, who is a unique kind of ‘speaker and trainer.’

A professionally accomplished individual with over 30 years of experience in speaking and comedy, Frank has managed to take aspects of his challenged past and turn them into much-needed insights for others to integrate into their lives.

Let’s be more specific.

Frank King The Comedy Writer and The TEDx Speaker

Frank’s popularity has not come overnight. Being a writer for Jay Leno’s The Tonight Show for 20 years, he has sharpened his comedic skills to perfection.

Let Frank King Show Conference Guests How to Turn Stress into Success

Meanwhile, he was battling mental health issues and survived several suicide attempts. Not only that, but he was also coping with cardiac issues and underwent several cardiac interventions (for instance, aortic valve replacement).

However, how do these go together? The answer lies in Frank’s desire to share his insights and turn them into life-saving wisdom.

The first step was taking his journey of battling depression and crafting a TEDx speech called “A Matter of Laugh or Death.” Its reception being a hit, Frank King took it even further and created his niche in an industry he has come to master.

A Unique Brand – Mental Health Comedy

At first, you would think this sort of humor is aimed at cheering up medical professionals. Moreover, you would be right as Frank Right is indeed a regular presence at medical conventions or events.

However, laughter is a terrific asset for anyone who wants to maintain or work on their mental health.

So, when a skilled comedian advances a comedic concept that’s specifically designed to have an alleviating effect upon attendees, the whole idea becomes tenfold appealing to an event planner of any kind.

So, besides medical humor, Frank King is mainly known as a specialist on these topics:

  • college-youth suicide prevention
  • cardiac issues humor
  • clean corporate comedy.

Plus, he is also skilled at crafting the perfect keynote speech or writing the funniest jokes for any event. If this was not enough, Frank could also be an excellent emcee.

stage, entertainment, mic, light

In fact, don’t even get our words for it. Rather, have a look at some of the feedback Frank receives from his clients:

“Frank’s the greatest – and boy howdy, he was excellent with the banquet, and Friday’s keynote!”


“I Laughed, I learned, I connected, I loved it!”

Not only does Frank’s speeches help with networking, but they also contain actionable advice on:

  • fighting with stigmas or inferiority complexes
  • sustaining life-long battles of any kind.

A One-of-a-Kind Performer

What you need to breath fresh air into your team is Frank Right, a mental coach in his own right.

His versatility is almost too good to be believed: emcee, TED speaker, corporate speaker, mental health comedian, comedy writer.

If you think you cannot go any better with any other performer, this is the chance to contact The Grable Group team at 615 283 0039 and have a real shot at delivering the best-rounded entertainment there is.

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