Clever, Insightful and Funny – Clean Comedy with Dustin Nickerson

Written by Tim Grable

October 2, 2017

Is comedy the missing ingredient your event needs to be a smashing success?

Don’t hesitate to hire a comedian because you assume these types of entertainers are bound to say something inappropriate.

Can we agree on the fact that clean comedians are one of the most versatile entertainers out there? Just think about for how many types of events you can hire a comedian who’s genuinely funny and doesn’t swear and offend.

If you are looking into hiring a clever, insightful and charming comedian, then keep reading to find out more about Dustin Nickerson.

Dustin’s Experience as a Comedian

Dustin was born and raised in Seattle, but right now, he is living in Southern California.

He is one of the most popular young comedians in the world.

Even though he described himself as “the world’s most average person,” he is far from being average when he performs on stage.

In 2015, he was the proud winner of San Diego’s Funniest Person Contest and the San Diego Clean Comedy Competition.

His love for comedy made him participate in other events as well, such as the World Series of Comedy, Ventura Comedy Festival, and San Diego Comedy Festivals.

Dustin is a multi-talented clean comedian and has been performing in clubs, colleges, corporate events, churches, casinos, and colleges throughout the country.

Clever, Insightful and Disarmingly Funny - The Finest Clean Comedy with Dustin Nickerson

His comedy shows have also been seen on Laughs on Fox, the KPBS Comedy Hour, Hulu, Rooftop Comedy, ComedyTime TV, Yahoo TV and UT-TV.

Moreover, Dustin showcased for Comedy Central Up Next, the Christian Comedy Association National Conference, was on the Daren Streblow Comedy Show, KSDW 88.9FM, as well as the Scott and BR Show on 1090AM.

At the age of 30 years old, Dustin Nickerson has already been married for 10 years and has three beautiful kids.

Through his comedy, he can bring you into his life as a married man, with several kids. He also likes joking about the fact that he was called “Justin” his entire life.

Audiences often describe his style of comedy as original, candid, poignant, observational, relatable and engaging. Here’s just a quick sneak peek from one of his comedy shows.

What Will Happen if You Book Dustin Nickerson

You will get a clean comedian who can make audiences of all ages laugh and who will make appropriate jokes for any crowd.

We will meet any needs that your event may have, and we promise that your guests will have more fun than they can even imagine.

What May Happen if You Book Dustin (But We Can’t Promise)

You may get a promotion for booking one of the best clean comedians.

Dustin may send you a Christmas card, and he may even invite you to his Thanksgiving dinner.

You may get a call from Dustin’s mom as a thank you for booking him for your event.

Your organization may suggest that you should place a statue of Dustin in your lobby.

You may decide to become best friends with Dustin.

That being said, Dustin is a versatile clean comedian who can quickly adapt to any audience. If you are looking for a professional comedian who does not offend and knows how to make anyone laugh, you have found the right comic.

Why Guests Will Fall in Love with Dustin Nickerson

1. Easy to Relate to Comedy

People laugh at jokes about things and everyday life situations they can easily empathize with. You want guests at your event to listen to the comedy act you have picked and think “That exact thing happened to me!”

That is where the laughter comes from.

 Why Guests Will Fall in Love with Dustin Nickerson's Unique Comedy Style

One of the best aspects of Dustin’s style of comedy is it helps people in his audience see the humor in the commonplaces of everyday life.

Dustin manages to make a genuine connection to his audience every single time. He goes so by bringing them into his life through his jokes about being married and being a dad.

He also likes to mix in jokes about today’s culture, his childhood and being called “Justin” instead of Dustin his whole life.

2. Observational and Poignant Jokes

Dustin Nickerson also takes inspiration from current events. However, he can see them from different angles, in different ways, and give a funny twist to them.

His jokes are current and manage to keep people of all ages intrigued from start to finish, precisely because they touch on present-day topics which hit everyone’s funny bone.

The clip below shows him performing at Mad House Comedy Club, one of the clubs he regularly appears at in San Diego, California.

Take a look to get a better sense of his comedy style. Make sure to listen to the audience laughing out loud in the background, as well. They are having the time of their lives and so could the guests at your next event.

3. Tasteful and Candid Humor

Dustin Nickerson has a unique voice in the comedy scene. One characteristic which sets him apart from other performers within the industry is his keen sense of humor.

You will not have to worry about him pushing it too far or crossing a limit with his use of language or through the topics he talks about during his acts.

He does not need to resort to vulgar language or discuss issues some guests might find offending. That is just not his style.

His brand of comedy is all about savory, squeaky clean humor audiences of all ages can appreciate and enjoy.

Not surprisingly, Dustin was invited to perform in front of different crowd types with different preferences when it comes to humor. He performed everywhere from clubs and colleges to corporate events and churches.

microphone, mic, stage, lights

3 Types of Events You Can Book Him for

Dustin Nickerson is one of those entertainers people tend to label as ‘clean comedian’ when in fact he’s much more than that.

Sure, his preferred topics are clean comedy territory, and he has extensive experience in this field. This status is also strengthened by the fact he’s a winner of the San Diego Clean Comedy Competition.

But, if you attend one of his gigs, you realize his brand of humor can be used in far more diverse contexts.

Therefore, we thought it’s best if we present a part of these settings you could put Dustin in and selected 3 types of events he’ll be fitted to.

Type 1: Large Family Events

Family gatherings take different forms and proportions, so a smart event planner does not automatically assume they are served only by one kind of entertainment.

Talking about balance, we’d like to outline the family gatherings that are larger in attendance, and that could use a skilled entertainer to tackle everything the right way:

  • Sweet 16 party
  • Baby shower party
  • Wedding receptions
  • Baptizing party
  • Graduation family celebration
  • Celebrating events of great significance

For an entertainer to ace their act at these larger events, there’s one small detail which needs to be taken into account: family members know each other very well. These people usually know how to have fun together, so you need an extra something to impress them.

That distinctive element is one aspect Dustin Nickerson excels at. He manages to create a laid-back environment which he fills with smart hooks. This way, participants will never know what to expect.

As a side-note, Dustin masters the art of self-deprecatory rhetoric, branding his comedy as ‘average.’ And, as we may well know, the irony is something which goes right in with a healthy family environment.

Dustin Nickerson - 3 Types of Events You Can Book Him for

Dustin is the man to handle bigger-scale family events which need that extra linking element.

Type 2: Corporate

Brisk and clear-cut, Dustin Nickerson‘s humor spawns both laughter and thought.

And what better combination to present to a corporate audience than this?

Be it a launch party or a convention; a corporate event needs to balance several elements, entertainment-wise:

  • The recreational value
  • The surprise element
  • The intellectual challenge

All three are aspects Dustin incorporates brilliantly – and also seamlessly – into his craft, which makes him a likely candidate for your next corporate event.

Type 3: Trade Shows

Trade shows are among the largest events out there, so the funny bit, regardless of where it is placed within the schedule, has to:

  • Be an instant attention-grabber
  • Weave good humor with the specifics of the event
  • Spark interest

Dustin Nickerson, albeit not the most obvious of choices at first, can be a lifesaver if you’re looking for someone to get a large crowd engaged.

His secret is called observational comedy, a method consisting in taking overlooked details from the daily lives and bringing them forward as compelling comedic elements. They’re instantly recognizable by most people, which makes observational comedians highly relatable.

trade show, corporate booth

A Truly Versatile Humorist

Mastering observational comedy is among the most useful skills a comedian could have in their tool shed.

Since he ticks this box – and brilliantly, no less – it’s easy to understand why he’s so well-liked by his audience.

It’s high time you discover him as well.

Do You Want Dustin Nickerson at Your Event?

Now that you know more about Dustin’s unique brand of comedy, you can make an informed decision on whether it is the right fit for your event or not.

If you want to book Dustin for your next event, make sure to get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Don’t forget; bookings are done in advance. That being said, we are always looking forward to hearing from you.

Give us a call at (615) 283-0039 if you want to ask additional questions or to book him right away. 

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