Heidi Schwartz Can Do Live Painting like No Other Artist

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Written by Tim Grable

June 30, 2017

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. However, what Heidi Schwartz does through her artistic talent is worth thousandfold more.

Instead of just snapping a picture of your event, Heidi captures its very essence and transcends it into a vivid piece of art right in front of your guests’ eyes. It is a unique experience, not just because each event is different, but also thanks to her painting skills.

Would you like to learn more about Heidi Schwartz’s talent and what she can bring to fundraisers in Nashville? Read on.

How Heidi’s Pure Talent Made Her Who She Is

Heidi Schwartz Can Do Live Painting like No Other Artist


Every kid enjoys playing around with coloring books. But not all of them are talented at drawing.

Growing up in Ohio, Heidi and her parents found out she was talented ever since her first years. Drawing and playing with colors were some of her favorite activities and the end results were stunning for a child.

As she grew older, Heidi Schwartz decided to explore and nourish her talent and creativity, which helped her discover herself in ways she has never imagined.

Her career began in Nashville, at the age of 19. Heidi enrolled in the commercial music program at Belmont University, dreaming of becoming a singer. However, the way she approached music was unique.

In fact, all the songs on her first album had a related painting. It was like she was transcending her visual art into music.

Heidi Schwartz’s “Paint Your Event”

As both a talented singer and painter, Heidi was almost a complete artist. However, to become a live artist she needed something extra: opportunity. It showed itself when she asked an entertainment manager about a job which required performing, while she was working at a hotel.

The manager listened to her music and took a look at her paintings. Then he asked her if she thinks she can do a live painting during an event. Heidi instantly said yes and has become a unique live painter ever since.

In fact, now she is the world’s leading event painter.

Heidi Schwartz can capture the atmosphere of an event by using the right colors and brush strokes. She has tremendous observational skills, creativity, and talent. What’s more impressive, your guests will witness the birth of a piece of art right in front of their eyes.

Why Heidi Is the Perfect Entertainer for Fundraisers in Nashville 

Organizing a fundraiser is a tough job. Especially since your budget is limited. By booking Heidi, you get one of the best benefits around: event entertainment and a real piece of art – painting – to auction off to your guests.

It will take up to three hours for Heidi Schwartz to finish a masterpiece capturing the atmosphere at your event. She will observe and identify certain aspects which make your event great and turn them into a forever-lasting piece of art.

Your guests will be able to see how the painting takes shape from start to finish.

However, the most amazing thing is you can auction off her painting. It will not just help you reach your funding goal, but also pay for the cost of having her at your event. Additionally, you can digitalize Heidi’s painting of your event and turn it into the perfect thank you gifts for your donors.

Are you organizing a fundraiser in Nashville and you feel like Heidi Schwartz is the perfect entertainer for your event? Go ahead and get in touch with us online or call us at 615-283-0039 to book this one of a kind performance.

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