HypnoTWIST Have a Different Approach to Hypnosis

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Written by Tim Grable

November 26, 2017

Stage hypnotism is an exciting form an entertainment, one which can fascinate even those who do not believe in hypnotism.

Rather than impressing the audience with the power of persuasion, stage hypnotism has the purpose of delivering a show where deception plays a big role.

The creators of The Three Waiters came up with a unique entertainment called HypnoTWIST, which is a combination of surprise, laughter, and interaction.

Let’s find out more about this hilarious hypnotism act.

HypnoTWIST – Who, Where, What

Before booking entertainment for an event, you need to ask yourself:

  • Will my audience enjoy this?
  • Will the entertainers be a good fit for my event?
  • Will they have an amazing time?

If the answer is Yes to all of these questions, then you can move forward.

Now, here’s why HypnoTWIST is the perfect fit for your event.

This act created by The Three Waiters fuses elements of hypnotism successfully with surprise entertainment or commonly known as hoaxing.

Simon Pryce, Tyran Parke, and Vanessa Scammell will fascinate your audience with their acting skills.

The show captures the interest right from the beginning.

A famous entertainer and world-renowned hypnotist from the Czech Republic, called Ivan Lendl, enters the stage. He is the first one of the three talented entertainers.

He just had a couple of shows at the Acropolis and at the Kremlin Palace, both of which were sold out.

HypnoTWIST Have a Different Approach to Hypnosis

His opening number dazzles merely the audience because he is wearing a loud suit and starts singing a 70’s song.

Now is probably the moment when the audience starts asking themselves is he is only a singer or perhaps something more. Soon enough, they will find the answer to this questions.

Then, the entertainer will choose among your audience three “volunteers” who are going to be hypnotized.

However, he announces their fate only after he picked them.

However, what the audience does not know at this moment is the fact two of the three volunteers are part of the act, and they have been seated guests the entire time.

Your audience will then watch how the volunteers have been transformed through hypnosis in rock stars, opera singers or dancers. Surprisingly, they will display amazing talents under the spell of hypnosis and sing his from Tom Jones to Elvis, Bee Gees to Abba.

The only thing which will go through their mind at that moment would be: “Wow, that could’ve been me out there!”.

Only at the end of the show, the audience finds out they have been part of a surprise performance.

The HypnoTWIST act can maintain the same level of momentum from the start until the end. The actors are also incredibly talented, so your audience will not even have a clue it is all performance.

You can see a small sneak peek at the video below.

Are You Looking for Something Different?

If you want to entertain your guests, keep them engaged and be much fun as well, then look no further.

HypnoTWIST will make your audience want to get involved in their performance and be part of the amazingness.

Get in touch with us at (615) 283-0039 if you want to book this amazing act for your event or if you want to request more details.

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