Why Influencer Steve Anderson Is Your Bet for an Information-Packed Act

Steve Anderson

Written by Tim Grable

April 26, 2017

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Most CEOs envision a company culture wherein their employees will get to benefit from ongoing learning and career opportunities.

With this in mind, they seek to offer their staff workshops and seminars held by either a:

  • Keynote speaker
  • Featured speaker
  • Emcee

Instead of looking for separate people to fill these roles, you can think of only one name: Steve Anderson.

In the following lines, you will learn why he is one of the top options for business owners looking for a professional to deliver presentations on technical topics.

What You Should Know about Steve Anderson

Steve’s job is to collaborate with insurance agents, to provide technical input and guide them towards better sales figures.

In fact, he has been doing it for more than three decades now. Ever since he had to take over as his father-in-law’s replacement at an independent insurance agency.

Why Influencer Steve Anderson Is Your Bet for an Information-Packed Act

That said, it is easy to understand why he is considered a top speaker on agency operations.

Plus, his career is based on solid foundations, since he upholds:

  • A BA in business administration
  • A Master’s degree in Insurance Law

Like any true professional, he realized continuous learning is the path to an always-updated expertise. Thus, he took on postgraduate courses in computers, sales trading and practical application of marketing principles.

However, being knowledgeable is not enough if you do not know how to pass that acquired knowledge on.

Steve has an outstanding ability to translate ‘geek speak’ into relatable bits of information for the mass audience.

That is why he was able to build a reputation as a skilled and prolific writer. He has contributed to the leading publications in the industry, and he even got included on an exclusive list of LinkedIn influencers.

What Makes Steve’s Presentations So Effective?

First off, let’s go through an extensive list of topics Steve Anderson can cover:

  • Agency social network
  • Productivity enhancement
  • Multimedia promotion from a technical standpoint
  • Customer experience
  • Brand building
  • Building a LinkedIn presence
  • Cybersecurity
  • Time management
  • Agency management system
  • Remote workforce
  • Mobile optimization

A lot of the items on the above list are areas businesses cannot afford to neglect.

Steve Anderson makes sure you understand the nitty-gritty and all the technical aspects involved in applying the changes needed.

Having one speaker covering such a wide range of topics is any corporate event planner’s dream.

You can practically hire him as a long-time consultant or partner.

“But isn’t there a small detail you have not mentioned?”, you might ask.

Indeed, delivering a speech or workshop on customer experience tools, for instance, presents a particular challenge. Your audience might not be trained to operate with the terminology involved.

Luckily, speakers like Steve Anderson know how to turn dreary terminology into a lively discourse which is easy to grasp by any audience.

How Is He Able to Do That?

He makes sure his discourse incorporates:

  • Relatable family experiences
  • Funny tips
  • Popular references
  • Warm up time before introducing more structured presentation parts
  • Permanently addressing the audience

This is how he creates a welcoming and laid-back ambiance  – perfect for laying the groundwork for the notions and concepts he wants to present.

The fact he deals with technology on a daily basis makes Steve a must-have presence at company events.

Not only does he offer agency-tech intelligence, but he is also able to make sense out of emerging trends in the industry. 

Ready to welcome an authority figure to the next training within your company? Don’t wait any longer and book Steve now.

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