Can Joe Castillo Match One of These 3 Challenging Types of Events?

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Written by Tim Grable

August 26, 2017

Joe Castillo is an inspiring entertainer who uses art, storytelling, and creativity to create unique content which will stimulate the mind of any audience.

He does this with his creative sand art show, by using powerful, engaging music, and by telling heartfelt stories. Sand art is a process during which an artist applies sand to a surface and then draws figures and lines with their hands.

Over the years, Joe has helped hundreds of leaders, corporations, and organizations through his artistic performance.

We firmly believe that the type of entertainment you choose for any event can make a big difference and influence its success.

In this article, we want to give you three examples of events that Joe can match 100%.

1. Trade Shows

Trade shows usually take place in big conventions centers in the major cities and can last up to several days.

Many events happen during trade shows, such as exhibits, workshops, presentations, networking opportunities or media interactions.

Joe Castillo has performed for a lot of Fortune 500 companies, and he truly knows how to use his talent to promote the right message in front of a large audience. Moreover, most importantly, he knows how to capture their interest which can be tricky and challenging at trade shows, where many things happen at the same time.

Any message that you would like to transmit can be done through Joe’s performance.Can Joe Castillo Match One of These 3 Challenging Types of Events?

2. Fundraisers

One of the biggest challenges for nonprofit organizations is reaching their funding target at the end of a charity event.

There are several reasons which can contribute to this aspect, and one of them is the use of entertainment throughout the event.

Aside from having a good time, guests need to feel connected to your cause; they need to understand the reason why they should become involved.

Until now, Joe Castillo has helped plenty of organizations raise millions of dollars. He knows how to touch the heart by stimulating audiences’ visual and auditory senses.

Joe knows exactly what and how to say so that people feel uplifted and motivated.

3. Corporate Events

Joe Castillo is an entertaining, gifted speaker. He has been using his ability to tell stories through art for more than 32 years now.

Joe performed for world leaders such as President Carter, President Bush or President Clinton and also for many Fortune 500 companies.

His experience includes banquets, product launches, grand openings, conferences and anniversaries.

Any corporate message that you would like for your guests to resonate with can be done with Joe’s help. He is a 3 in 1 performer: an artist, an entertainer, and a motivational speaker.

Unique, powerful, visceral are just some of the adjectives which describe his sand shows.

You can see down below Joe’s most recent sand story, which was inspired by God of War, the popular video game.

Joe Castillo Is the Master of Using Art to Tell Powerful Stories

Joe has received many awards which celebrate and acknowledge his work.

On a couple of occasions, he even performed at TED conferences: the TEDActive one and TEDGlobal in Edinburgh.

Moreover, he made it to the finals in America’s Got Talent.

Right now, he travels all over the world to perform for any types of events. If you would like to book Joe Castillo for yours, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (615) 283-0039. 

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