Why Joshua Jordan Is One of the Best Magicians for Corporate Events

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Written by Tim Grable

April 3, 2017

W.B. Yeats’ famous quote “The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper” hides so much truth.

We can all agree that one of the essential ingredients for an event is quality entertainment. Hiring an entertainer who can captivate, engage, and wow an audience is something all event planners want.

Sadly, the world of corporate events is often something entirely different from magic. It is rather described by professionalism, pragmatism and business success. However, all those have become a reality because of people. Moreover, people sometimes need to relax and feel good.

That is where award-winning magician and comedian Joshua Jordan steps in. Magic comes naturally to him, but he also has an easy time venturing into the world of improv comedy.

By combining magic with comedy, Joshua gives your audience an immersive experience. Read on to learn more about this artist and how he turns corporate events into memorable eventsIn this article, we will talk about deceptive entertainment and mind-blowing magic tricks.

Keep Your Audience Engaged with Joshua Jordan

One of the biggest fears event planners have the fact that their audience might get bored at some point. How can you avoid this? By making sure you hire an entertainer who can take guests by surprise with a unique and eye-catching performance.

Joshua is not only a talented magician, but he is also a comedian. Because of this, his shows represent the perfect blend of these two types of entertainment.

Below, you can see a brief example of how Joshua has fun with magic in his hotel room, just before a show. You can head over to his YouTube channel if you want to see other cool tricks he can do with different objects.Joshua’s show is not scripted because he likes to leave much room for improvising. He is witty and knows how and when to add jaw-dropping moments.

He knows the killer combination which will avoid any dull moments during the show. At the same time,  Jordan is a master at keeping any audience on their toes.

His personality is best described as agile because he goes with the flow and he makes the best out of unscripted moments. If you were to go to his show several times, you would not see the same thing every time.

Everyone seems to agree with this: no two shows are the same when you are seeing Joshua.

What Can Joshua Jordan Do for Your Event?

He is talented. So talented, he became an award-winning magician, comedian, and international speaker.

You may feel like that is not enough. However, he is like no other magician you may have seen before.

Joshua has a unique personality which leads to many unscripted moments at corporate events which keep the audience rolling on the floor.

Why Joshua Jordan Is One of the Best Magicians for Corporate Events

It means “No two shows are the same.” Mind-blowing effects will take your audience on tour through the world of deception, misdirection, and awe.

Combine everything you have read so far with comedy – improv comedy, actually – and you have a recipe for success!

Is Improv Comedy the Right Type of Entertainment for Corporate Events?

Improvisation comedy is an unscripted act which involves the performer’s spontaneity or, in some cases, even the audience’s contribution.

Improv comedy enables your audience to see just how skilled the entertainer is.

Only the very best improv comedians manage to achieve success. To be one of them, you need quick-witted remarks. They would draw inspiration from virtually anything comes to their mind, all while using minimal props.

That is how Joshua Jordan manages to put up never-seen-before shows.

By hiring him for corporate events, you also send the right message to your guests by offering them a one-of-a-kind performance. You let them know how valuable they are to your company.

Why Hire Joshua for Your Event?

Joshua’s talent and unique personality let him create an immersive performance and relatable for any audience. It means kids and adults alike will love his magical and funny show.

Joshua’s shows include a few important elements like:

  • dexterity tricks
  • sleight-of-hand illusions
  • informative bits about tricks.

Additionally, Joshua has had the opportunity to speak to thousands of people during his career. He performed both for youth organizations and significant corporate events.

He has the experience and skills to entertain and turn any event into something great, thus helping the organizers achieve their goals with ease.

Then Comes the Magic

Joshua has this unique ability to be able to take his audience into a world of deception and misdirection. In a subtle way, he can bend the reality and remind us how easy it is for our whole world and perception to change when we are being deceived.

For example, we are just blown away by this simple but sophisticated coin trick. See for yourself.It is amazing how he says that he managed to learn the trick in seven years. A trick that doesn’t take more than five seconds to show. Pretty crazy, right?

Joshua’s illusion act is the kind of show that will make everyone in the audience wonder “How did he do that? He was right in front of me.” These are the kind of reactions you want after a successful magical event: people asking questions and talking about what they just saw.

Here’s How You Can Hire Joshua Jordan

Want to make sure that your audience will see a one-of-a-kind show? Then he will make that happen.  We can promise that he can challenge any audience and make them roll on the floor laughing.

If everything you have read so far convinced you, Joshua, is the entertainer your event needs, you only need to get in touch with The Grable Group to book him.

We are a booking agency and entertainment agency with years of experience in managing a select pool of talents and top-notch entertainers.

Working with us gets you far more than just a solution: a partner on the road to success.

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