Meet Magician Joshua Jordan: Find Out What Makes His Act Stand Out

Jaw-Dropping Magic and Wit - Meet Joshua Jordan

Written by Tim Grable

September 20, 2017

Magicians have been – and always will be – one of the top choices in the entertainment industry.

So, if you want to organize an event you can make it count by booking the right magician. One of our best recommendations is Magician Joshua Jordan.

Joshua offers high-quality entertainment, something all event organizers are looking for. His live performance quickly captivates, amazes and leaves your event’s audience asking for more.

Meet Magician Joshua Jordan: Find Out What Makes His Act Stand Out

For some entertainers, it could take years to master their craft and deliver flawlessly rehearsed gigs.

For others, it just comes naturally. So much so that they can afford to venture into improv comedy territory. This is exactly Joshua Jordan’s case.

When he was around eight years old, Joshua was watching a Disney show when he saw a commercial segment where an illusionist was demonstrating and teaching magic tricks.

His acts caught Joshua’s eye, and he did not cease being engaged in perfecting this kind of craft ever since. His focus is now illusion-driven improv comedy.

Joshua is not just a magician. He is a comedian as well. Did we get your interest? Read on if you would like to know more.

What Is Improv Comedy?

Simply put, improvisation comedy is an unscripted comedy act that relies on the performer’s spontaneity and, in some cases, audience’s contribution.

While classic stand-up comedy may sometimes seem impromptu, performers rehearse their gigs and integrate the same antics into them.

With improv comedy, however, you can see an entertainer in full display of their skill.

Improv comedians are specialized in quick-witted remarks and audience interaction. They would draw inspiration from virtually anything comes to their mind, all while using minimal props.

The result? A never-seen-before show.

So, if you hire an improv comedian like Magician Joshua Jordan, you will sure know the act is a one-time performance delight to your one-of-a-kind audience.

In the above lines, we showcased what improv comedy stands for, but they may well be used to describe Joshua’s kind of work.

The distinctive quality of his work lies in the way he conveys substance to the stories he is telling. This way, he can quickly make the performance highly compelling and relatable for virtually any kind of audience.

Why Improv Comedy Mixed with Magic Is Great Entertainment

Magician Joshua Jordan is a big fan of improvisations. He likes to try on stage tricks which come to his mind as he is walking towards the stage.

It makes for a great experience thanks to the spontaneity people see live. Classic stand-up comedy may seem fresh, but performers rehearse their gigs and jokes.

With improv comedy, however, the performer needs higher skills to be able to pull off quick-witted remarks and interact with an unpredictable audience. Joshua draws inspiration from “the moment” all while using minimal props.

Suffice to say; the result is unique.

Unique Performance That Incorporates Multiple Talents

Joshua is a versatile performer who boasts multiple talents. He can spellbind the audience, make them laugh or boost their confidence.

That is because he is:

  • a magician,
  • comedian,
  • and international speaker.

His performance is a combo of comedy and magic. So if you want a truly dynamic magic performance based on improvisation and witty jokes, he is most likely the right entertainer for your event.

The show he provides is everything but dull. Joshua Jordan keeps the public in a continuous state of frenzy from minute one to the end of the show.

His unpredictable and unexplainable tricks are complemented by outstanding jokes and explosive effects.

He also adds a touch of personal involvement by spreading his empowering message focused on the power of truth. Joshua is not the usual magician who’d do some tricks and then leave the stage feeling pretty satisfied.

He wants to give and interact more with his audiences.

That is why he will challenge the public with his puns and allusions, providing something unique and mind-blowing each time.

Joshua jordan

Extensive Experience

The quote that most frequently describes his performance is that “no two shows are the same.” So if this is not enough to convince you, here’s an extra. Joshua Jordan is an award-winning magician.

He can turn any corporate or private event into a truly memorable experience.

So it is no surprise that he was invited to perform in various locations. This gave him the chance to draw inspiration from the different audiences he connected with.

Speaking with and for thousands of people meant a great deal for Joshua.

Moreover, now he is capable of adapting his show to any public and occasion to offer a remarkable experience every single time.

Reliable Professional

Joshua’s impressive portfolio of shows is proof that he can live up to even the most demanding of expectations. He has got the necessary know-how to ensure a flawless experience both for you and your audience.

This magician will cast a spell on your audience right from the moment he first steps on the stage.

What’s more, his charming personality and easygoing nature make it easy to work with him.

Joshua is a trustworthy person who takes entertainment seriously. He always makes sure his show develops seamlessly – and on schedule.

Magician Joshua Jordan Turns Challenges into Skill

Joshua’s story as a performer revolves around the way he managed to balance public speaking and an ADD personality. ADD/ADHD stands for attention deficit disorder and symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.

While some might view this condition as a drawback to focusing towards a career, Joshua is a different case. He managed to turn it into his greatest advantage.

This way, he can create a high-energy vibe around his act which also comprises of:

  • dexterity tricks,
  • sleight-of-hand illusions,
  • informative bits about tricks.

What’s more, this also enabled Joshua to become an appropriate candidate for motivational speeches as well.

He is often invited to schools, where he combines both tricks and inspirational discourse, in an attempt to make students more empathetic in a fun and relaxed manner.

What’s best, attendees get something from Joshua’s show, so you can say it has educational value as well.

A refreshing twist within his acts is this: Joshua would talk about how illusionist trick us into falling for their stunts while performing those stunts.

This is what makes for a unique – even if a bit dizzying – experience Joshua can deliver to his spectators.

After all, we all like challenges, so Joshua Jordan’s mind-bending and disarmingly honest brand of comedy is sure to deliver just that.

Now try to answer these questions:

  1. Do you need to rest assured you appeal to a broad and varied audience?
  2. Do you want both to entertain and educate your guests?
  3. Do you want all these to be delivered with a laid-back, unassuming demeanor?

Then Joshua might be the performer you did not know you needed.

Take Your Event to the Next Level with Joshua Jordan’s Immersive Performance

Do you fear your event will be just another boring experience without the right entertainment? Then you should consider walking the extra mile.

Joshua brings to the stage some surprising elements:

  • dexterity tricks
  • sleight-of-hand illusions
  • informative bits about tricks.

Mix those together with the best kind of clean comedy and the result will ensure your event’s success. Additionally, you should know there aren’t two similar shows when it comes to Joshua.

He is always improvising, trying new tricks on the stage, redefining what fun and entertainment feel like.

Why You Should Consider Booking Joshua Jordan

As you may have noticed in the video above, Joshua was getting ready to perform in front of a big audience. He likes that, and he has the tricks and charisma to entertain a large crowd.

joshua jordan

Additionally, you have to admit magic and comedy are two things everybody wants. It does not matter if your guests are parents with children, grandparents with grandsons, CEOs, CFOs or all of the above – Joshua will keep them entertained in the best way possible.

It is also imperative to note he likes to interact with the people sitting in the room. He wants to bring them closer and make them feel like they are a part of the performance itself.

The type of your event or the theme do not matter either. Joshua is comfortable and has already performed for everything from youth events to corporate galas. He is a solid choice as entertainment.

Want Joshua Jordan at Your Next Event?

Joshua Jordan is that rare kind of artist you see once and never forget. Offer your guests the unique chance to meet him and enjoy his one-of-a-kind show.

If you want to discuss further details regarding booking Joshua Jordan for your next event, go ahead and get in touch with us.

The Grable Group is a booking agency and entertainment company working with some of the best talents and performers any event organizer can ask for.

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