You’ll Only Believe Mark Robinson When You See His Top Comedy Magic Act

Mark Robinson

Written by Tim Grable

July 20, 2017

When people watch a comedy act, they naturally expect to be enthralled and captivated by it.

However, some acts do more than that – they wow with their conceptual versatility.

We are talking about Mark Robinson, a performer who seems to master all arts needed to be a has-it-all entertainer.

His all-encompassing acts can be used to more than one or two kinds of events and his expertise in three primary entertainment field is hardly paralleled.

Prepare as you are about to discover a vivid presence, a distinct voice and an innovator in the entertainment industry.

Creating a Unique Brand

If you search Mark Robinson’s name on the Internet, you will notice he is branded as a motivational comedian magician. It sounds too good to be true, but Mark delivers excellence in all three.

Mark Robinson

In truth, comedy, magic dexterity and motivational speaking are difficult skills to acquire even if they are taken separately.

Mark has proven to have an exceptional flair for mastering and then fusing them in light-hearted, laughter-packed gigs. They are so well-integrated into his general demeanor and delivery that you will not be able to tell which he excels at.

Mark Robinson – A Master of Audience Engagement

If you are slightly worried about your audience not being fully invested in what they are experiencing, you can cast away this concern.

Mark Robinson is that kind of performer who earns his viewers’ attention the moment he steps onto the stage.

Opening for Jeff Foxworthy and being and appearing alongside Jimmy Kimmel are just a few testimonies to Mark’s being in the top tier of the comedy industry.

As for his magician prowess, suffice it to say he has been invited to perform at the prestigious Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood. On top of that, he worked with The Incredible Acrobats of Shanghai and toured China three times. Just one proof of the global appeal he is sparking.

He can address sports audiences, as well as business conference participants due to a skill which sets him apart: his hilarious magic stunts can be employed to deliver motivational messages. He is doing so well at this that he is considered a renowned keynote motivational speaker as well.

Zoom-In: Key Elements to the Mark Robinson Entertainment Magic

By now, you must have gotten an impression of Mark’s professionalism which mainly relies on contributing factors like:

  • attention to detail
  • a commanding, yet not imposing, presence
  • audio background to enhance the comedic effect and to cultivate further interest
  • self-deprecatory content
  • ingenious, yet minimal props
  • good balance of suspense and laid-back vibe
  • genuine attendee onstage participation

However, the cherry on top is the effortlessness with which he manages to cultivate inspiration.

Mark will lift anyone’s spirits – and these are not. In fact, it is understandable. To most magicians, the word ‘impossible’ seems to miss from the dictionary. So, just what Mark Robinson does with his mind-bending tricks, he also does with his onstage drive.

One of his best acts are those wherein he approaches the topic of overcoming things which seem impossible. In fact, you can judge by yourself if you press ‘click’ on the video below:

If you need an entirely freshened up entertainment act which is more than a forgettable evening, get in contact with the Grable Group and make sure Mark Robinson is booked to your lineup.

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