Meet Matt Geiler, the Artist Behind the Popular Dancing Pumpkin Man

Meet Matt Geiler, the Artist Behind the Popular Dancing Pumpkin Man

Written by Tim Grable

November 8, 2017

After Matt Geiler’s elimination from this summer’s America’s Got Talent, many Americans professed their regret that the dancing Pumpkin Man will no longer be a contender.

Why did this happen?

Partly because Matt’s act was a refreshing addition to the show, partly because the man is still part of the Americans’ collective memory ever since its viral spreading 11 years ago.

However, there’s much more to him Americans can discover. Moreover, you should be one of them because Matt Geiler is a name you would want to have on your event planner phone agenda when you need an across-the-board talented performer.

Dancing Pumpkin Man Already an Iconic Figure

With the (worldwide) fame he achieved after the pumpkin dance amused hundreds of thousands of viewers, Matt knew his showbiz career could take off if he knew how to exploit all the assets he has.

These assets are primarily linked to stand-up comedy skills since he was part of The Weisenheimers – an improv comedy group of four founded in 1997. Alongside Marv Pratt, Monty Eich, and Jennifer Smedley, Matt has been touring the Midwest and putting a smile on many audience members’ faces.

However, comedic talent is just one side of Matt’s story. Although he is dubbed ‘Lord of Memes’, let’s not forget he is also a master of moves and artistry.

With the pumpkin man meme well on its way towards becoming a pop culture icon, Matt Geiler does not, however, cling to that fame. He has carved his way in the industry by taking on singing, writing and even producing.

Human Juke Box + Social Media Winning Recipe

Like most successful artists out there, Matt Geiler has realized the importance social media has in people’s lives and to what degree it can help connect performers to audiences.

Meet Matt Geiler, the Artist Behind the Popular Dancing Pumpkin Man

As proof of that, he has established a solid social media audience and activity, with creative social media initiatives. One example would be his live Facebook event which also has a hashtag – #MakeMattSING. Here, he encourages people to throw musical challenges he tries to take and impersonate.

If you ask us, this is only one way Matt keeps his improv game so on point. He is the kind of artist who’ll never cease looking for ways of reinventing themselves.

What Is Musical Improv and Why You Should Have Matt Geiler Deliver It at Your Event

First, we highly recommend you watch this clip:

Now, let’s break it down.

What you witnessed is musical comedy improv – that is already three different entertainment domains: music, comedy, and improv.

You were able to see how Matt took his audience on a journey of different styles and moods, molding his singing accordingly. So if you have a powerful, diverse act in mind, Matt’s is the act to go for.

Plus, he will be instantly liked by audience members as his presence is an unassuming mix of natural charisma and effortless delivery. If you ask us, this is the perfect recipe for an event host – and Matt excels at being one.

Let Us Help

At Grable Group, we are fortunate enough to have artists like Matt on our list of bookable performers. So if you were impressed by his craft, we are waiting for you to drop us a line here and get ready to collaborate with the best of the best.

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