Meet the Multitalented Matt Geiler – What Makes His Craft so Enthralling?

Matt Geiler

Written by Tim Grable

September 14, 2017

The first words you will read or hear in association with Matt Geiler‘s name are part of this funny phrase: ‘the dancing pumpkin man.’

Once you get past that, you will actually realize how much of a well-rounded artist he is. It is one thing to excel at a particular craft and a whole another one to do so with several other arts.

This level of know-how is indicative of how resilient and hard working Matt is.

So without further ado, let us tell you more about this performer who dabbles in all things creative.

Matt Geiler – The Master Creator

Comedy. Music. Visuals. Even writing and producing.

Nothing is out of Matt Geiler’s lane when it comes to these 4 creative sectors.

Let’s just start with music and reveal the fact he is running Frederick Julius – a project which allows him to:

  • write
  • produce
  • sing

The vocal skills are not reserved only to this but are also engaged in his stand-up comedy bits. More exactly, Matt is a master of musical improv comedy, as proven by this clip:

As for his drawing skills, suffice it to say Matt has been nurturing this talent since the age of 11 when he got his first job as an illustrator. From children’s books to cartoons and animations, his portfolio reveals a prolific artist who can make virtually everything look good.

The Story of a Nickname

Maybe the strongest quality Matt Geiler possesses is the range of instances he can put himself through.

Meet the Multitalented Matt Geiler - What Makes His Craft so Enthralling?

When he is not in a ‘professional’ circumstance, he can also make fun of himself. He is not afraid of entertaining people this way, as you can conclude from the fact he is the man behind the dancing pumpkin‘ meme character. 

If you do not know about it, it is because the whole story happened 11 years ago on a Halloween, when Matt submitted a hilarious short clip where he was showing off his moves, while having his head completely covered by a real Halloween pumpkin.

How did he come up with this? While working as an anchor to a nightly newscast, Matt and his team needed something to fill up the show on a 31st of October. So, it just dawned on him they could film something like a silly dance featuring a unitard and a jack-o’-lantern mask.

The dance still holds its own, with more than 6 million YouTube views, consecrating Matt as a nationally-acclaimed dancing funnyman.

To the delight of his fans, he re-enacted the legendary meme in great fashion. So where else could he have chosen to do that, but the America’s Got Talent stage? Yep, it happened in July this year, and it looked like this:

As you can see, he was recognized by the judging panel. That is because back in 2006, the hilarious pumpkin dance went viral.

Passing It on

Matt Geiler is not only a gifted man but also a strategic thinker. He understands the value of spreading the knowledge, so he is also offering consultancy driven from his 20+ years of creative experience.

That means he could be the next keynote to speak at your event. 

He will be that jack-of-all-trades who’ll incorporate all sorts of unexpected bits which make a comedic piece both an informative and entertaining one. What more could you wish for?

At Grable Group, we will make sure we put you in contact with Matt as soon as possible.

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