How Oz Pearlman Amazed America’s Got Talent Jury

Written by Tim Grable

March 30, 2017

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The jury at America’s Got Talent is not easily impressed. During the eleven seasons in which the show has aired on NBC, thousands of artists and entertainers have showcased their talent on stage.

From singers to dog trainers and mimes, the judges have pretty much seen it all.

It is not very often an act they see during the audition phase amazes them and leaves them open-mouthed.

How Oz Pearlman Amazed America's Got Talent Jury

Well, Oz Pearlman’s performance had that effect not only on the jury but also on the entire audience watching.  His extraordinary talent and act got him all the way to the finale of the show’s 2015 edition.

What exactly did he do to captivate the judges at one of the best-rated shows in the country?

If you are curious to find out, you will want to read the following lines.

Never-Before-Seen Mentalism

What’s the best way to stand out among the many contestants at a high-profile contest like America’s Got Talent?

Showcase something different  – something unpredictable the judges have never seen before.

It is how Oz managed to captivate the crowd audience and, later, the people watching the show at home.

Granted, Oz Pearlman was not the first mentalist to appear on the show. However, his routines were unprecedented. He managed to get inside the judges’ minds and show off his unique talent.

The clip below shows him performing some of his best tricks as one of the finalists on the hit TV show. His act was one of the most highly anticipated acts of the evening.

Moreover, it was flawless. In fact, it pretty much blew everyone’s mind. Take a look and see for yourself:

Performance Skills

A wonderful, well-prepared act is not enough. How an act is delivered on stage is what ultimately separates a mediocre entertainer from an excellent one.

Oz Pearlman knows exactly how to bring his performance alive and draw people in. He knows how to dose his enthusiasm and build up anticipation to keep his audience engaged throughout his routine.

His experience of over ten years has helped him perfect the way he showcases his unique mind-reading abilities, as to get the most impact from the audience.

Natural Charisma

Personality is an asset you need as an entertainer. It is the most efficient way to connect with the audience and win them over.

Each time Oz Pearlman entered the stage at America’s Got Talent, he was bubbling with confidence. He seemed fearless and ready to take over. He was in control.

This is an attitude which comes naturally to him because on stage is where he feels most at home. That shows all throughout his performances.

stage, lights, entertainment

Passion is a major factor which drives his personality on stage. He first fell in love with magic at age thirteen when he witnessed his first magic show while on a cruise ship.

His enthusiasm for his craft and for being on stage only grew stronger since then.

Want Oz Pearlman to Perform at Your Next Event?

Since his acclaimed debut at America’s Got Talent, Oz Pearlman’s career has skyrocketed.

Oz has appeared on several national and international networks, such as:

  • NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
  • The TODAY Show
  • ABC World New.

Your event can be next on the list! If you are interested in booking him, go ahead and get in touch with us as soon as possible. He is sure to elevate your event and impress your guests as well.

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