The Quiddlers Are an Engaging Pantomime Group with a Knack for Comedy

The Quiddlers

Written by Tim Grable

August 28, 2017

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As an event planner, you most likely know that booking the perfect entertainment for an event is only easy in theory.

After all, every event is unique, and it is your responsibility to orchestrate all the details to match the specs of the event and meet the client’s expectations.

The secret is to know as many of the available entertainment options as possible.

This is why we want to introduce you to The Quiddlers, an exceptional vaudevillian-styled pantomime group coming straight from the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas!

If you want to get to know them better, then all you have to do is keep on reading.The Quiddlers Are an Engaging Pantomime Group with a Knack for Comedy

A Few Interesting Facts about the History of the Group

The Quiddlers brand has over twenty-five years of activity in the entertainment industry, and the name has become synonymous with professionalism and quality fun.

The group has over 150 television appearances worldwide in their portfolio of achievements and numerous performances at a wide array of events where they dazzled their audiences every single time.

Two of the original members left the group in 1993 to pursue different career paths.

However, the newest reincarnation of the group featuring some of the most talented comic performers today more than lives up to the reputation of the original group.

For the past fifteen years, seven nights a week, The Quiddlers have been performing in Las Vegas as part of a long-running cabaret show in a major casino resort. 

Currently, the group operates under the creative direction of Paul Ebejer, one of the founders.

Fun fact: The group’s name was picked randomly by pointing at a word in a dictionary mounted on a pedestal in the library of Oakland University, where all three founding members have attended.

Comedy Has Always Been Front and Center

Over the years, The Quiddlers have come to master the art of physical comedy. There’s a reason why they are known around the world as “The International Ambassadors of Physical Comedy.”

They never disappoint when it comes to giving guests a good old-fashioned belly-laugh, and their performances are always engagingoriginal and surprising.

Just recently, the group made an appearance on America’s Got Talent, where they delivered a hilarious bit of impressive physical comedy.

Set to The Village People’s famous song “YMCA,” their performance was a memorable one.

In case you missed it on TV, you can take a look now and see why the judges could not resist laughing throughout the set.

Different Show Concepts You Can Choose from!

If you decide to book them for an event, you will have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to the format of the show. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • The Village Guys. If you watched the video below, you probably have an idea of what this show is all about.
  • Blues Boys Blues and Rhythm Review. Where a miniature version of the famous siblings performs a micro, comedy-infused concert.
  • Cowboys Western Round-Up. Ideal for sport’s fans with a taste for humor.
  • Toy Box Toys. Toy box size toys do a hilarious dance to The Nutcracker.
  • The Small Star Review. Your choice of characters will share the stage.

Moreover, here are some of the characters inspired by music and movie icons which they can include in their shows:

  • Elfis
  • Mini Madona
  • George Smush
  • Micro Jackson
  • Lil Prince
  • Jimini Hendrix
  • so many others.

Book The Quiddlers Today!

Great entertainment books fast. So, if you want this world-renowned pantomime group to be a part of the next event you are planning, make sure to contact us as soon as possible.

You can easily reach us at 1-615-283-0039 or by filling in this short online form.

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