Scott Alexander Will Bring Light-Hearted Wit and Magic to Your Next Event

scott alexander

Written by Tim Grable

June 7, 2017


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When someone is invited to The Oprah Winfrey Show, you sure know they are someone to pay attention to.

Scott Alexander, the daring illusionist, found himself in this situation after he was featured in People Magazine and Nations Business.

Lightheartedness and effortless quick-wit are just two accolades which can characterize his acts. We are strongly recommending that you carry on reading – only good things will await your event in case you do so.

Accomplished and Acclaimed Comedic Illusionism

Season 6 of America’s Got Talent made Scott Alexander known to the general American public. Millions of them were able to get acquainted with the brilliance and thrill of his performative skills.

To refer just to his AGT auditions performance, it is impressive how he managed to deliver a quite dangerous-looking levitation act.

However, this appeal did not come overnight. Scott has scored accomplishments like:

  • headlining on the Las Vegas Strip at Caesars Palace for over seven years;
  • 4,000 performances of the major grand illusions;
  • featured on The Si-Fy Channel:
  • featured on Discovery Channel;

A fun fact about him is that he has performed alongside his wife, Jenny, in the early days. Stages like Caesars Palace (back in 2002) were not unknown to them.

A fun way to meet him is through his appearance on Penn&Teller. Even though he is not the only headliner in that performance, it is a perfect opportunity to witness his banter skills in full swing:

Scott Alexander and Puck on Penn and Teller Fool Us

His composure and comedic prowess draw people in instantly. They cannot help but glue their eyes to the act in front of them.

Scott Alexander – the Man Who Delivers

What makes Scott’s pieces so entrancing?

Most likely, the fact that his comedic concept resembles a lab wherein several ingredients get to be fused successfully:

  • energetic on-stage demeanor;
  • carefully placed twists;
  • an extra element of mystery;
  • music bits;
  • smart costuming and staff choices;
  • professional acting and interpretation;
  • good dosage of suspense;
  • well-placed elements of intrigue;
  • carefully designed overall package.

When Scott Alexander4 steps onto the stage, he has already won you over by inspiring trust. He oozes professionalism and involvement in each performance. Plus, he knows how to be self-deprecating – a quality audiences love to see in a funnyman.

Scott Alexander Will Bring Light-Hearted Wit and Magic to Your Next Event

Sleight-of-hand skills would be a highlight for any other illusionist out there. Whereas with Scott, they are just another point on the list.

Another one would be relatability. He can relate to virtually any public, from downtown standup comedy pub regulars to kids.

He is a powerful actor capable of changing his voice and body language in a chameleonic way, to the delight of his audience.

His versatility and showmanship come together for different kinds of events:

  • kids events;
  • large-scale events;
  • small-scale gigs.

A strong case for Scott Alexander5 as the headline entertainer for your next event is his skill in involving the audience in his acts. He will make everything seem natural – including mind blowing and hard to believe tricks.

Want your guests to think of your event long after it ends?

Well, you know what to do in this case. Get to the Contact part of the Grable Group website and book him right now.

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