What Else Can Bob Cates Juggle? We Have the Answer

Written by Tim Grable

November 7, 2017

There is something about jugglers which amazes anyone, regardless of age. In some way, it may appeal to the kid inside each of us remembering the great times we had back in the days when the circus would get to town.

If you want to offer just that to your guests you only need to hire one man: Bob Cates.

Bob combines clean comedy with juggling. He is doing so full-time for about 22 years, starting right after he won the Canadian Juggling Championships back when he was a student.

The Road from a Clumsy Kid to a Juggling Champion

What Else Can Bob Cates Juggle? We Have the Answer

Bob grew up on a cash crop and pig farm near Ontario. Most of his childhood involved chores around the home. Bob says his dad claims he was not any good even at stone picking because he was always looking up.

However, the years passed by and Bob Cates got fond of juggling. He started off with a tennis ball as a teenager and moved on to participating at the Canadian Juggling Championships.

He was not considered to be a real contender though as some of the other competitors were full-time professionals.

However, his talent and determination kicked in. Bob practiced hard, learning advanced juggling, unicycling, balancing skills and performance techniques. The outcome: he won the Canadian Juggling Championships.

From Juggling Champion to World-Class Entertainer

Bob Cates also had a passion for the theater, besides juggling, so he began performing at many fairs, festivals and private events, as well as at every major Busking Festival in Canada.

In 2000, he started performing on cruise ships about 20 weeks a year for Holland America, Disney, Cunard, Royal Caribbean, Princess, and Celebrity.

Nowadays, Bob has become one of the biggest professionals worldwide, performing for:

  • Corporate events
  • Association and gala special events
  • Theaters
  • Churches
  • Ministry Events
  • Christian organizations.

Anyone looking for professional, clean and funny entertainment can rely on Bob’s talent to amaze their audiences.

Are You Looking to Hire Bob Cates for Your Next Event?

Bob works together with his wife, making his job a family business. He is on stage, and his wife works behind the scenes.

The talented duo has taken their show to places all over the world, including France, England, Russia, Poland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, South Korea, China.

Part of the secret to their success has been the appeal of the show and the fact that it is perfect for audiences of all ages. It has been received just as well at teen conferences as on seniors cruises.

The show is almost guaranteed to generate a standing ovation no matter the type of the event. Some even felt like Bob’s show is like a Pixar movie – excellent quality and much fun for all ages.

To book Bob Cates for your next event just get in touch with The Grable Group.

We are a booking agency and entertainment company with years of experience in providing the best artists for events. Working with us also gets you access to a sophisticated range of services for events like stage lighting, staging setup and more.

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