4 Proven Christian School Fundraiser Ideas to Help You Raise More Money

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Written by Tim Grable

October 20, 2017

When teaming up with a Christian institution, you always have to consider they are driven by Christian values.

However, when you are the organizer of a Christian school fundraiser, it might not always be clear how you can tailor these values to the age group you are addressing.

How can you best entertain school kids, while also conveying the proper message and the best-fitting rhetoric?

To address this inquiry, here’s a curated list of ideas you cannot go wrong with.

1.’Yard’ Sale

A school can be quickly turned into a convenient venue, both for indoor or open-air events. In this case, the familiar and laid-back ambient is perfect when you want to hold a yard sale which will gather a significant part of the local community. Kids, parents, locals – everyone is welcome.

4 Proven Christian School Fundraiser Ideas to Help You Raise More Money

Each participant (or group of participants) will have to book a table for a fee you have previously set.

This Christian fundraiser idea is a sure ticket to success since almost any family will have some spare items to give away.

Pro tip: this kind of event represents one of the best ways you can spread the Christian message and values. Previous to the sale, you can organize plenty of teamwork activities linked to the cause of the fundraiser. On the one hand, kids will love getting involved while learning about generosity; on the other hand, parents will appreciate the involvement with spreading these values.

2. Christian Photography Exhibition

Photography provides an excellent medium which channels the kids’ creativity.

For a Christian school fundraiser, you can use photographs taken by pupils and gather them under a Christian theme.

The key here is to showcase the event across as many media outlets as you can bring in. This will create a more striking impression and a platform for young talents to emerge and spread Christian values through art. 

3. Headliner Talks

School time is the proper time for children to pick up role models, so organizing an interview or a talk by a youth speaker would both:

The key here is to bring a compelling speaker to make people excited about the prospect of the talk. Of course, you will have to gather participation fees, so make sure you promote the fundraiser as intensely as your resources allow.

4. Open-Air Movie Theater

This is an excellent idea as it requires minimal resources: a video projector and a large room or the school gym to pack up the attendees.

movie, pop corn, snack

You can establish a Christian theme; you can assemble a footage featuring the school’s missions throughout the years – there are countless ways you could play with such an event.

A Christian School Fundraiser Contributes to the Community

A school can contribute to the prosperity of a community in more ways than just educating the young ones. It is already a healthy community which can use its strength to showcase social contribution.

That is why a Christian fundraiser is the most reliable vehicle to cement the reputation and continuity of a Christian school, so make sure you start from the ideas above to build powerful events.

At Grable Group, we have been used to collaborating with Christian event planners, so you can trust our expertise and even follow our posts on Christian speakers who inspire crowds.

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