5 Ideas for Fundraising Activities with Team Building Potential

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Written by Tim Grable

March 12, 2017

Almost any company culture revolves around one word – ‘teamwork.’ Today, this concept faces more diverse challenges due to the way technology enables team collaboration regardless of geographical boundaries.

However, what if you could include team effort when designing ideas for fundraising activities?

You get a two-in-one outcome:

  1. On the one hand, you ensure a teambuilding opportunity.
  2. On the other hand, your fundraiser can be a hit because your audience gets genuinely engaged.

If fundraising is about helping others, team building is about helping each other while growing within a working community. At the core, the two have quite the same principles; so why not start incorporating them into the same strategy to get the best results?

In what follows, we suggest 5 ways of doing so.

1. Grow Local Knowledge

Education is one of the greatest causes people feel compelled to rally for, as it embodies the promise for a better future.

That is why contributing to the growth of local communities can be among the best ideas for fundraising activities. You can quickly get a team to be on board with it.

The activities they could perform together are:

  • collecting books for local libraries or underprivileged neighborhood schools
  • collecting educational devices for disadvantaged communities
  • designing educational courses
  • organizing a summer school.

5 Ideas for Fundraising Activities with Team Building Potential

2. People to the Rescue

Saving animals is another cause which brings people together.

When fundraising for animal rescue associations, teams can contribute with assistance. 

The idea is to get them involved in assistance activities and use these actions as promotional material. Tweet them, share clips and pictures or even live broadcast how you assist rescue groups with their mission.

This way, you strengthen your brand awareness by showing preoccupation for reasonable causes.

3. Ideas for Fundraising Activities – Disaster Relief Kits

Most usually, you would not couple a fancy fundraiser with disaster relief kits. However, when natural hazards hit a community, these kits could prove life-saving.

If you are located in a region with a natural hazard history or with risk potential, it is never too early to start thinking of prevention measures.

On the one hand, your team could help families previously affected by disasters. On the contrary, they could build a resource center containing items like:

  • flashlights
  • batteries
  • first aid kits
  • personal hygiene tools
  • dust masks
  • can openers
  • blankets.

4. A Helping Hand to Homeless Centers

Needless to say, homeless centers are in need of continuous help from others.

An excellent way to involve your team in fundraising for them is raising money and resources for a monthly cooking activity.

Sharing food is a way of socializing, even more so for a team. It can significantly increase camaraderie and team coordination.

cook, kitchen, food

Get your team to cook meals for the homeless, and you pretty much contribute to their self-esteem.

5. Brighten up a Day

This fundraising activity is related to providing to children hospitals. While it could be a sensible topic for some people, the truth is hospitals are in constant need for funds.

With children medical facilities, the door is open for creative approaches your team can come up:

  • flash mobs
  • reading sessions
  • decorative workshops.

These 5 ideas for fundraising activities can involve fun performances like the Grable Group variety acts. Jugglers, aerialists or mentalists can be on your team’s side.

Ideas for Fundraising Activities Which Are Fun for Everyone

Summer is coming upon us for quite some time now. For fundraisers, this could be the busiest time of the year.

Chances are, you are actually in the middle of a quest for finding some hot ideas for fundraising activities so that your next fundraiser be as cool as it gets.

No matter where you are along this road, there’s no such thing as too many ideas, so let us kick off our list of inspiration bits for the hip fundraising event planner.

Aerobics or Swimathon

Generally speaking, people cannot wait for summer to arrive, so that they can spend their time outdoors, doing fun, physical activities.

This is where you can drive some pretty impactful ideas for fundraising activities from.

You can get the most numerous attendance for aerobics and swimming-related events.

Whichever case you choose, you have to provide a purpose. Motivate participants to engage in teamwork (i.e. team swimming competitions) with the result of winning a prize for a cause.Ideas for Fundraising Activities Which Are Fun for Everyone, teamwork

Bring-and-Buy Fair

This idea is especially effective when you are fundraising within a smaller community.

A fair where people bring their stuff for sale or as donations but also get to buy stuff for themselves is a great opportunity for creating stronger bonds between members of the community.

You can set the following premise: for each item sold, a 20% of the sum has to be donated; for each item bought, the buyer has to tell a friend about the cause.

This kind of fair is a lucrative solution whenever there is a cause which needs instant exposure.

Green It

Summer is also the time when nature replenishes its green repository.

Take advantage of that and raise awareness about local environmental issues, by organizing ‘green days.’ A ‘no car day’ or rubbish picking contest can be explored with great results.

Fly Your Kite

At first sight, this is an event aimed at children. However, when you are coming up with ideas for fundraising activities, you have to adapt and innovate.

That said, kite flying is very much fitted to everyone, this idea is based on our playful side.

You can add a bit of spunk if you get some hot air balloons in the mix. Set an access fee, promote this colorful event on as many social media as you see fit and people will come flooding to this celebration of joy.kite, fly

Beverage Fair

What could be more welcoming than the right drink, in the right place, at the right time during a summer’s day?

Think about this for your next fundraiser and choose the most populated street in the town to set a beverage fair. Get local stores to provide the products you need, then build some creative, themed booths depending on the beverage category: coffee, fresh fruit drinks, specialties. Set a minimum sum people will need to pay for each product they purchase.

You can play with this idea and expand it by organizing a concert and turning the fair into a late-night open cocktail bar.

All These Ideas for Fundraising Activities Have Something in Common

We intentionally left out an element in all the headlines above – the option for hired entertainment. All of them can be enhanced even more if you get the budget to book an entertainment act.

This is where we step in – we offer you an extensive palette of entertainers of all kinds. Visit our website to check it and maybe even get ideas based on the performers you see there.

We are also at your disposal with any extra entertainment suggestions for teamwork enhancement.

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