Best Ways To Increase Revenue Of A Fundraising Event

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Written by Tim Grable

January 15, 2019

A fundraising event can be a great way to raise awareness for your cause. It also can do quite a lot to strengthen relationships with your partners and supporters. So without a doubt, it has an incredible potential to raise a sizeable amount of money.

However, the success of how you Increase Revenue Of A Fundraising Event greatly depends on the fundraising strategies you employ.

For as much potential as a fundraiser has, not being business savvy about it can lead to a lot of wasted opportunities.

That is why, in the following article, we explore some of the best ways to turn your event into a goldmine.

Attendance Fees

Charging an attendance fee for an event is a basic way to Increase Revenue Of A Fundraising Event, but it’s still very efficient. You can do it in the form of selling tickets at the entrance or by having a membership system in place.

Best Ways To Increase Revenue Of A Fundraising Event

Alongside physical ticket sales, you can also do online ticket sales and leverage all the advantages of going digital.

For example, if you are advertising your event through social media, you can easily encourage people to purchase tickets online.

Asking for Sponsorship

Asking for donations can be a very nerve-wracking experience. However, if done right, it can be a jackpot for your fundraising event.

Before asking, though, you need to do a bit of research on the potential donor. Knowing a bit about the donor’s history will show that you’re serious about this future partnership succeeding.

We suggest you visit the potential sponsor in person to make the entire experience more personal.

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Be sure to have your pitch ready beforehand, alongside a summary about your organization, the event and its goals. The sponsor is most likely concerned about where the money will go but probably doesn’t have the time to research your organization thoroughly.

Finally, be prepared for rejections as they will happen, but don’t let this fact discourage you. There are many other potential sponsors out there. If you persevere, you will inevitably reach a positive outcome.

Donation-based Crowdfunding

With this fundraising model, the idea is to attract a large audience base for your event and to incentivize people to donate a sum of money voluntarily.

This model is predicated on donations, so there is always an element of uncertainty. After all, you are basing your chances of success on people’s likelihood to support your cause.

However, with this model, you can also hit it big. If many people decide to contribute, there’s a high chance that you’ll raise much more than the expected amount.

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Add Something Extra to Increase Revenue Of A Fundraising Event

The fundraising models showcased in this article are excellent ways to increase your organization’s revenue.

An audience will undoubtedly be more willing to donate at your event if you’re offering them an unforgettable experience. In that case, we suggest you add entertainment on your event’s program and turn it into something that nobody would want to miss.

If this has caught your attention, then call us at (615) 283-0039, and we will gladly help you find the right performer that can help Increase Revenue Of A Fundraising Event!

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