5 Different Types of Charity Entertainment You Could Hire for Your Next Event

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Written by Tim Grable

September 4, 2017

You should always consider different types of charity entertainment for your event. It should be closely linked to the theme you chose and the age or interests of your audience.

Additionally, hiring the right entertainment for charity events should be counted as an investment, as it will bring in more guests and raise your event’s attendance.

Without further ado, in the following lines, you will find 5 different types of charity entertainment which will make your event successful.

#1 You cannot Go Wrong with Music

Asking someone if they like music is like asking them if they enjoy breathing.

While most professional artists have no trouble customizing their show to meet your event’s theme, the decision should be based on your audience. Are they mostly young or older?

Hiring a singer or a band as charity entertainment is a fail-proof option as long as you take into consideration the aspect mentioned above. You can browse through different types of musicians on The Grable Group.

5 Different Types of Charity Entertainment You Could Hire for Your Next Event

#2 Increase Your Fundraising Potential with a Live Painter

Live art is another kind of entertainment you may want to consider since the art is being created right under your audience’s eyes.

Heidi Schwartz is one of the most talented live painters in the world. She creates memorable interpretive paintings, capturing your event in a way photography cannot even begin to achieve.

The painting can either be auctioned or raffled off to raise money for your cause.

#3 How About Magical Charity Entertainment?

Magic always makes us look back to our childhood. Many of us were fascinated by it then, but decent, entertaining performances can still get us excited, even at 60 years old.

Magician, illusionists, mind-readers, mentalists – they are all masters of the stage and know how to impress an audience. Plus, there’s a big chance your guests will be talking about your event long after it ends. Magic tends to have that effect on people.

If the idea pleases you, go ahead and see what magical charity entertainment you can hire for your next event.

#4 Hire a Speaker to Inspire and Empower Your Guests

speaker, man

Hiring a speaker enables you, as an organization, to get the right message through by emphasizing on the speaker’s communication skills.

Your event can take advantage of a speaker’s qualities, and that will reflect of funds you get to raise.

To look for a speaker to hire for your next event, head to The Grable Group’s selection of talents.

#5 Go Big by Hiring a Celebrity

There’s no better way of raising buzz around your event than by hiring a celebrity and use its name to advertise the event’s importance.

Granted, celebrities are hard to get a hold of, but The Grable Group can help you all the way. If you are looking to hire famous entertainers like Tom Arnold, Todd Oliver, Patricia Heaton or Sinbad, head to our selection of celebrities.

In the End

All things considered, it does not matter which type of charity entertainment you choose. All of The Grable Group’s talents are real professionals who will give your event is the oomph it needs to achieve all your goals.

The Grable Group is a professional booking agency with years of experience in providing high-quality entertainment for event organizers.

If you have any questions, you can call us right away at 615-283-0039 or get in touch with us online.

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