Charity Entertainment – The 3 Best Picks This Year

heidi schwartz live painting

Written by Tim Grable

February 23, 2017

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To make your charity the talk of the month, you need to offer some “standing ovation”-grade charity fundraising entertainment.

What if you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to look over lists of musicians and comedians? Luckily, we’re here to help you out with your charity entertainment.

We took the chance and created a list of performers that have consistently raised the roof at their shows. Feel free to peruse it and decide what works well for your cause.

1. Dick Hardwick

When it comes to moderators, Dick is a decent choice for any ceremony. Looking for a keynote speaker for your corporate event, or just quality charity entertainment? Say no more.

Dick Hardwick!

Mr. Hardwick has even been the host of a concert at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. When you can hold your cool in front of 250,000 participants, and find it easy to entertain such a large gathering, you know you’ve got something right.

He has the quick wit necessary to adapt to each audience. No one will be snoozing at your event because the laughs will be too loud.

Laughter can be a cure for any ailment, and it will definitely boost the big bucks at your fundraiser. Mr. Hardwick’s “off-the-wall” humor will have the room roaring and everyone trying to imitate his act afterward.

2. Heidi Schwartz – Charity Entertainment with Style

Your attendees are much more likely to donate if there is some reward from the whole deal. Why not offer them a quality interpretive painting of the event itself?

Charity Entertainment - The 3 Best Picks This Year

The hype for your fundraiser will also be much greater if you advertise your charity entertainment as a chance to win a prize.

Besides, just getting a photographer to capture an audience might seem boring. Heidi Schwartz can capture the atmosphere of the event itself through her art.

Use her creations in an auction, or even a raffle at the end of the event. Promises of awards always keep people glued to their seats for the finale.

You can also ask for a custom-made painting to represent your cause for future events. Talk about a payoff!

3. Jeff Civillico – Comedy in Action

Jeff has the energy to crank up your charity entertainment to eleven. He has been performing almost continuously since he got picked as a volunteer for a street performance at 11. And now he’s 27.

He channels the style of Jim Carrey while being a juggler. This hectic style works very well at energizing the crowds at your fundraiser.

Jeff Civillico

In fact, it worked well even at the White House, or on the luxurious cruises, he has performed. From the Disney Magic to the Queen Mary II, his act has enchanted many venues.

You can use his energetic style during your charity auction, to a unique effect. In fact, you may use him as your emcee or keynote speaker before or after his show.

You didn’t expect that such a dynamic person wouldn’t also be a gifted speaker, did you?

All three of these entertainers are sure to add a little “oomph!” to your charity event.

Comedy, music, juggling, beautiful paintings, gifted speakers – what more could you ask for? Contact us today and we can book one of these class acts for your fundraiser!

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