4 Ways In Which You Can Make Your Charity Event More Exciting

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Written by Tim Grable

April 30, 2022

Planning a charity event is quite an undertaking. It is cumbersome to set it up and has a social edge to it, which involves getting people to show up and making donors support your causes.

One great way to achieve these objectives is to give people something for their involvement. 

Over the years, we have found that experiences are the ones that win people over. Because of this, we recommend implementing awesome fundraising activities, which will make your guests excited about your event.

To make things easier for you, we compiled a list of 4 unique ideas that are sure to rally people to raise money for your charity and have fun while doing it.

1. A Comedy Show Is Always a Good Idea

There is the idea that happy people are more inclined to lend a helping hand to those in need. Therefore, to boost the mood of your guests, we recommend a healthy dose of laughter.

By booking a comedian for your event, you will ensure that your attendees have a good time, but you will give them an impetus to be more charitable. If you are looking for a qualified comedian for this job, who knows how to use communication to put everybody in a good state of mind, we encourage working with Paul Reiser.

Credited as one of “The 100 Greatest Comedians of All Time”, Paul has been a regular face on the comedy circuit for more than thirty years. He is also an awarded actor and writer with an ever-expanding list of accomplishments, including a Golden Globe nomination.

With this A-list entertainer on board, you can be sure that your guest will be in a good mood and more inclined to support your cause.

2. Surprise Donors with a Live Concert

No matter how tough an audience can be, music always has the power to make even the most diverse group of people come together. That’s why surprising your donors with a live concert is one of the best charity event ideas you can try. A live band can set the right tone and ensure the success of your event.

Trio Florencio is a corporate band that will set fire to your dance floor. They’re a hallmark of Spanish guitar music, rumba-flamenco, and jazz. Their show is played in such a way to get everyone in the audience hall up and dancing.

Your guests will enjoy their sound, which will stick in their minds for a long time. As a result, your charity event will benefit immensely from this increased boost of attention.

3. Invite a Keynote Speaker

Selecting the right guest speaker for your event is an excellent way to make sure the message you want to convey reaches as many of the people present as possible. A good keynote speaker will bring your charity cause into a sharp focus and will create, at the same time, an enlightening experience for your attendees.

For that, we recommend working with David Glickman. He can energize a crowd like no other and inspire your guests to align with your organization’s cause, making them likelier candidates for donations.

A few years ago, David received his Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, proving he is an A-list keynote speaker and an infallible addition to your fundraising event.

4. Get Artsy with a Live Painter

Make your event genuinely entertaining by booking a live painter. Seeing art come to life in just a matter of hours creates a memorable experience for your guests and gives a more refined edge to your event.

Painter Heidi Schwartz is the perfect artist for this task. As a natural-born talent as self-taught, Heidi captures the candid moments of an event in a way that photographs cannot.

Your guests will enjoy watching her paint the décor and the people surrounding her. And once the painting is finished, you can exhibit it for the audience to admire.

Top Charity Event Ideas to Try Out

Your next charitable event can be a massive success with a little hard work and some creativity.

For more exciting ideas, get in touch with The Grable Group and learn more about the charity entertainment artists we represent. Give us a call at (615) 283-0039, and we will gladly assist you.

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