Charity Event Planning Ideas- Useful Tips for Planning a Fundraising Gala

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Written by Tim Grable

March 9, 2017

When it comes to charity event planning ideas, nothing is worse than having “planners’ block.” It can happen to anyone, even the experienced.

What happens when you’re just starting out in the event planning business, though? Not all fundraisers have the best event planners in the land.

That’s a different kettle of fish, which we will be discussing in the following paragraphs.Charity Event Planning Ideas - Useful Tips for Planning a Fundraising Gala (1)

Charity Event Planning Cannot Go Wrong if You Use These Tips

Finding the best Charity event planning ideas can be time-consuming, that is why it is a must to think about it carefully. Luckily for you, we have compiled the best tips you need to keep in mind when planning your charity event.

If you follow these steps, we assure you that your event cannot go wrong and your guests will have a fabulous time

1. The Purpose and the Goal

The first step is to decide upon the purpose of your fundraising event. Are you trying to raise a certain amount of money? Gain more publicity? Attract new partnerships? Maybe all of them?

Whatever the case may be, establish right from the start your purpose and your goals, so you can measure the success at the end of the event.

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2. Form a Charity Event Planning Committee

Having a host committee is essential for a charity event. The committee will contribute a substantial amount of money to your organization. At the same time, they will also encourage guests to do the same because they are a fundraising committee.

These people are not responsible for running the event, but they can help you reach your fundraising goals.

You can’t plan an event by yourself, no matter how good you think you are. Get a group of trustworthy people that have connections. If they have a charity event planning experience, all the better.

Make sure to include trustees, volunteers, and people who will be doing the brunt of the work. It’s no use having just planners in your committee. There needs to be someone there who actually has experience at setting everything into place.

The whole idea of the committee would be to find people who are almost as passionate as you about the event. You need talkative people who have no trouble communicating what the event will be about.

Let’s say one of your friends likes Jeff Allen’s stand-up comedy a lot. He’s seen a dozen of his shows and all of his YouTube videos. He likes his style of clean comedy and feels it would go well with the nature of the fundraiser.

If you listen to his recommendation, you’ll get him pumped up for the event. What you can do in this case is ask him to promote the event and invite his friends for the gala!

3. Consider a Proper Budget

You have no idea how invested people can get in charity event planning ideas. Some even forget they’re out to make an earning for the cause.

Think about how much your event costs. If you can, get a consultant to make an estimate. They’re also likely to tell you how feasible and successful your event could be in your area.

On the other hand, if you have some experienced volunteers on your committee, you won’t need a consultant. They’ll be able to tell you what works and what doesn’t.

In fact, the following question should be on your mind: How much are you willing to invest for your cause? Think about how you’re going to pay for the following:

  • Food and refreshments for the guests
  • Payment for your bartenders and waiters
  • The rent for where you’re going to hold the gala
  • Advertising for the event
  • Transportation and parking for attendees

Every charity event planning should start with a complete list of all your expenses. The budget should cover everything from:

  • Invitations
  • Staff
  • Location
  • Entertainment
  • Catering.

Most importantly, don’t forget to take into consideration additional costs which may come up.

If you have any special guests attending, they might ask you to pay their hotel fees. Consider that circumstance in your budget planning, even if it doesn’t happen.table, dinner, banquet, glass, plate

4. Sponsorships Will Get You Far, But Don’t Go Overboard

Not everyone has the budget to be careless about the charity event planning ideas. Find organizations who believe in your cause, and negotiate a sponsorship with them.

But be careful so that you don’t go overboard. Too many sponsors and the only thing on your mind will be how to please every one of them. Consider one or two sponsors who are more likely to donate to your cause.

You also need to consider if the sponsors agree with your choice of entertainment. Some of them might have different beliefs, and may not be appreciative.

5. The Audience

You need to know whom you are going to invite to your charity event because it will determine many different aspects.

The profile of your audience will influence the entertainment you are going to hire, the venue and the activities.

6. The Entertainment

It is unpleasant to attend events where guests are bored and can’t seem to be enjoying themselves. That is why you need to avoid this at all costs and hire entertainment.

Whether it is a comedian, a speaker or a performer, the entertainer has to fit the profile of your audience.

7. The Marketing

Think of your charity event as a new product your audience needs to find out about. Use marketing strategies and tactics to convince your audience they should attend your fundraiser.

We recommend writing your marketing plan before getting started. Here are just a few promotional channels you should use:

  • The organization’s network
  • Invitations
  • Direct mail
  • Social media
  • Word of mouth
  • Email marketing.

8. The Practice

It does not have to be the first time you are organizing a charity event to run through the most significant bits.

You do not have to rehearse the entire event, but enough so that everyone understands their responsibilities and the flow. If the event will be larger than usual, then it is best for the main staff to practice everything.

9. The Thank You

thank you

These two words can go such a long way. From contributors and guests to volunteers and sponsors, you need to make sure each and everyone will get a personalized thank you note.

You will not only make them feel appreciated, but you will also build a stronger relationship with them.

Don’t Overlook Charity Event Planning Ideas

We hope these tips will help you achieve the goals you set for each event. Moreover, we want you to know that you can rely on us for your entertainment needs.

We can help you mark entertainment of your charity event planning list. Are you planning a fundraising gala and don’t know what your guests would enjoy? Contact us and let’s talk more about your event and the type of entertainment you may need. 

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