Types of Charity Events That Boost Awareness About Pregnancy And Raise Funds

Written by Tim Grable

October 29, 2017

When you want to boost awareness about pregnancy and raise funds for the cause, you will need to organize specific events which are more appropriate for your cause.

That way, you will be able to send the right message to your audience and attract more donors towards your nonprofit organization. It takes particular skills and commitment to organizing them and also to come up with the right idea for your audience.

To help you out in this process, we decided to make a list with some of the most common charity events you can organize so you can raise awareness about pregnancy.

Charity Events That Boost Awareness About Pregnancy And Raise Funds

1. Gala

Galas are extremely common as a form of building relationships, increasing the organization’s popularity among donors, and of course, to raise funds.

A gala is usually organized as a banquet, a dinner, or a cocktail party so you will get to talk and get to know many people in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

Types of Charity Events That Boost Awareness About Pregnancy And Raise Funds

2. Concert 

When we say concerts, we are not referring to organizing an event on a significant scale with thousands of people.

You can scout for a local talent in your area or find local bands.

The price for the ticket should count as a donation, but you can also set up some booths so that people can learn more about pregnancy. At these booths, you can even sell some product so you can maximize your chances of raising funds.

3. Auction

Auctions are one of the most effective types of events that can help you raise money and boost awareness about pregnancy.

These events are all about giving people a reason to donate and support your cause. Also, all of your guests and donors will get to talk to the other people about the items that are being auctioned, which can increase the sense of community.

Here you can choose what type of items you want to include in the auction, but you need to think about what would appeal to your guests as well. You can consider travel packages, luxury dinners, jewelry, workshop tickets, and much more.

4. Bake Sale

cupcake, dessert

You might think that bake sales are classic and outdated, but they have been working for decades.

We were recommending organizing one especially if your target audience is a small community or a specific neighborhood. These type of events attract attention because everyone who is going to pass through that area will notice what you are doing.

Don’t forget to promote the bake sale online as well as offline, through flyers, posters, and word of mouth, of course.

It is All About Consistency

When you want to send a powerful message, change behaviors, or just boost awareness about pregnancy and educate your audience, you need to be consistent.

Organize all kinds of events, small or big, involve as many people as possible starting with donors and ending with volunteers, and plan them so that they leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Fundraisings do not have to be too formal or strict. That is why we recommend booking entertainment that will not offend your audience. Find someone who can relate to the cause and emphasize the message you want to send.

For example, you can hire either a women speaker or someone who specializes in fundraising events.

Get in touch with us if you need our help at finding the best entertainer or speaker for your charity event. 

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