10 Insanely Creative Fundraiser Ideas for Nonprofit Groups for 2020

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Written by Tim Grable

August 15, 2017

Raising funds represents an essential activity of a nonprofit organization. Through fundraising, NGOs can drive awareness towards their cause and ultimately gain more support overall.

There are many resources involved in this type of actions (such as people, time and money) so you want to make sure you will be leveraging the best fundraiser ideas for nonprofit groups.

This way, you will not be wasting time and money on strategies which don’t work.

8 Insanely Creative Fundraiser Ideas for Nonprofit Groups for 2019

If you want to organize fundraising events which will indeed make an impact and help your nonprofit grow, then keep reading the article to discover our tips.

Generally speaking, people love to give and share. However, first, they have to be compelled to do so. This is something fundraiser planners know all too well, so ‘creativity’ is a must-have skill which helps them come up with the right concept to drive interest.

When they are trying to find creative fundraiser ideas for nonprofits, however, there is a hurdle. Moreover, this is called a budget.

We know how draining it can be to balance the financial aspect of an event which is supposed to get money – not cost your organization too much for what they bring in.

Are you one of these hard-working event planners? Well, in this case, you might want to check this list of nifty inspiration bits which won’t be so demanding on your funds.

Fundraiser Ideas for Nonprofit Groups Which Will Bring You Results

1. Virtual Fundraising Gala

Are you having gala fatigue?  Are you looking for new ways to reach donors?  2020 has become the year of Virtual FundraisersGive us a call and we can help you pivot from a live event to online virtual gala.

2. Readathon

Summer is in full swing; days are longer, the holiday season is on. So, what better time than that to hold a readathon? It is the perfect educational retreat for almost any age category.4 Insanely Creative Fundraiser Ideas for Nonprofits

However, we are talking about fundraiser ideas for nonprofit groups, so we need to think about something special.

The only resources you will need are your marketing genius and good contacts within several communities to promote the event to as many people as possible.

That said, make sure you design a beautiful concept, set a proper time range (something like 3 months) and try to find sponsors for excellent prizes. Then set a system to register and track participants’ progress and have them pledge a certain sum of money to enter the contest.

You can award prizes for books completed or for the number of pages read, maybe according to age category. You can even organize participants in teams to battle it out.

3. Gaming? Why Not?

Do you think of millennials as a demographic worth targeting?

Many event planners do not, mainly because they have the impressions Millennials are harder to get on board. The truth is, you should have no reason to avoid addressing them since their interests can be translated into fundraiser ideas for nonprofits quite creatively.

Gaming is just one example.

You can exploit its untapped potential by designing a gaming event with strong networking potential. To facilitate connections between participants, it would be ideal to think of a fun trigger. Like entertainment.

Find a comedian who’s able to take your cause and add just the right amount of humor to it. You can start your search with this list of performers.

4. Fitness Class

This is one of the most creative fundraiser ideas for non-profits as it is based on a win-win dynamic.

What participants have to win is an environment wherein they can stick to their workout schedule. Anyone could use some exercise motivation, right? On the other hand, what you win is a long-term strategy for fundraising. Set a minimum financial contribution people will have to give and find one or several fitness instructors who want to volunteer for a good cause.

Later on, you can grow this idea into other related activities or even contests.

5. Scavenger Hunt

Who does not love a thrilling scavenger hunt wherein they discover an area, a building or they just have fun and connect?map,maps

This idea will work best if you manage to promote the event very effectively so that you get the attendance you need to raise the money. Set a registration fee and think out an exciting package which is relevant to your guests.

You can get inspiration from current events, TV series, superhero movies – the list can go on. You can even set a Twitter hashtag or a Facebook live event. This is where your imagination can be put to work.

6. Work with an Influencer

Influencer marketing is a significant trend these days, so getting an influencer onboard for your fundraising campaign can help you achieve top results.

For this idea to work, you need to select the influencer carefully. Please make sure the person believes in your cause and would like to genuinely help you promote the event to their audience using the social media platforms they’re on.

The influencer can also play the role of the keynote speaker for the fundraising event you’re organizing, but it’s best if they have experience as a speaker.

7. Make It Simple to Donate

For people who can’t make to your event, we recommend implementing some easy ways for them to donate. A text-to-give campaign is one of the simplest ideas you can try.

People spend much time on their phones anyway, so it’s incredibly convenient to use such a tactic.

After you’ve set up this campaign, promote it on your organization’s website, social media platforms and even to your email list.

8. Throw a Birthday Fundraiser

party, balloon, balloons

Using a date associated with a special event- such as a birthday – to throw a fundraising event is a great and useful idea.

The idea is to find a person who can relate to your cause and organize the event around the person’s birthday.

This type of special event is one of those creative fundraiser ideas for nonprofit groups which will give you the opportunity to tell a story and create a stronger connection with donors.

Everyone loves a good birthday party, so why not use this to throw an amazing fundraising event? Of course, you don’t need to forget about hiring quality entertainment so your guests will have a fantastic time.

9. Leverage Holidays

People are more generous during the holiday season – and we’re not referring only to Christmas. Any holiday, such as Easter, Thanksgiving or even Valentine’s Day, falls in this category.

This means a fundraiser will be more effective if the event is tied to a specific holiday.

In the campaign messaging, it’s essential to tap into the emotional aspect of that particular holiday. Valentine’s Day is all about the significant other, while Christmas is about being with the family.

You can even use the holiday theme when decorating the event venue and choosing the food menu.

10. Hiring a Live Performer

In many cases, hiring a live performer can be the perfect way to spice up a formal fundraising dinner, especially an artist with an uncommon skill or approach that will be new, exciting, and attention-getting to most audiences. The entertainers listed below certainly fit that description well. Capturing people’s attention with skills and performances ranging from art to magic and more, any of them would be a worthwhile choice for a successful fundraiser that is also an enjoyable and memorable event.

Adam Trent’s performance is a unique blend of magic, music, comedy, and motivational speaking. He has performed at corporate events, comedy clubs, cruise lines, college campuses, and some other venues around the world. In addition to a stage magician’s standard illusions and gimmicks, Adam Trent also incorporates music, dancing, humorous personal anecdotes, and meaningful messages into his performance. Trent’s casual delivery and accessible personality help him connect with audiences while his other skills, displays, and tricks keep them interested until the very end.

Heidi Schwartz is a talented painter who frequently paints at live events, such as weddings, galas, and corporate functions. When she performs at fundraisers, she paints for the duration of the event, capturing the setting, atmosphere, and people of the scene in a unique way that can never be exactly recreated. Not only does Schwartz provide entertainment for those who watch her paint, but her paintings are also auctioned off at the end of the night to raise funds for the cause of the event.

Joe Castillo is the world’s best-known maker of sand art, a unique skill which made him a finalist on America’s Got Talent. By shaping and reshaping sand on a flat surface, he not only creates entertaining pictures but also uses them to tell stories that unfold from one image to the next. Castillo utilizes his talent to convey many messages, from corporate to motivational, thus overcoming the language barrier in the over forty countries where he has performed and captivating a variety of audiences.

Clean Comedian Bob Stromberg recalls the days of family pictures taken with a 35 mm camera in his comedy Slide Show. Using existing slides collected and stored at random by his father, Stromberg says what the audience was thinking all those years ago when they had to sit through boring slide shows.

If you are old enough to remember when slide shows displayed upside down, backward, out of focus and blanks, you will laugh as Bob Stromberg entertains you. You may not know people in the actual images, but that does not matter because his family and the slides they are in are just like your family. Only the faces will change.  Stromberg is a comedian with a fresh approach to comedy. His stories will make you laugh, cry and remember the times the same things happened to you.  This creative fundraiser idea for nonprofits will entertain your donors and make them laugh.

Jeff Allen is a Corporate Clean comic who is dedicated to making people fall out of their seats with laughter, literally and figuratively. His goal is not only to be funny but to inspire people with his comedy. He often does jokes related to his life as a family man and appeared in the hit film “Apostles of Comedy” and the Warner Bros. film “Apostles of Comedy.” Jeff Allen gives audiences a sense of his and his wife’s experience raising a teenage son. Allen often performs clean yet personal and self-deprecating jokes and also pokes fun at his family members. His brand of comedy is influenced by his trademark idea of Happy Wife, Happy Life, and he often performs his jokes and gives inspirational speeches for corporations and non-profits.

No matter what charity or organization you are trying to support, finding fun, creative, and productive, fundraiser ideas do not have to be a hassle. Hiring a skilled and entertaining performer, and looking into unique acts like the ones listed above, can be an excellent way to please your guests, make lasting memories of the event, and support a worthy cause in the process.

Get Inspired by These Creative Fundraiser Ideas

There are countless fundraiser ideas for nonprofit groups out there, but not all of them can bring you the results you’ve hoped for.

We hope these ideas will inspire you and they’re going to guide you when organizing the next fundraising event.

Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofit Groups – What Say You?

All these being said, we hope you can use these fresh fundraising ideas, be it as they are or as inspiration for other cost-effective ways of raising the money.

A rule of thumb worth being mentioned is this: never lose sight of the cause you are raising money for! Showcase and promote it all over social media and your community – there’s never too much promotion for a worthy cause.

We are here to provide you with professional insight, ideas, and entertainment solutions. You can even be a member of The Grable Group community if you would like to subscribe to our newsletter. Have a productive 2020 of fundraisers!

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