Is Entertainment a Must for a Cancer Fundraising Event?


Written by Tim Grable

August 11, 2017

It goes without saying that a cancer fundraising event is a sensitive type of fundraiser to deal with.

However, on the other hand, cancer philanthropy is also a cause worth fighting for and an endeavor which deserves any event planner’s best efforts.

So, if you are in this position, you do your best to ensure the prospective guests have a pleasant time. Moreover, a nice time at a fundraising event can be attained with the help of entertainment.

In the lines below, we will try to answer questions like:

How can I tackle entertainment at a fundraising event?

Is it needed?

How should I approach it? 

First Off – the Right Mindset

No matter what concept you find for your next cancer fundraising event, a reliable rule of thumb is to start with this in mind: cancer fundraisers are based on the power of human connection, community, and the strength which comes from giving.Is Entertainment a Must for a Cancer Fundraising Event?

That is why you should not be afraid to bring in the entertainment act you see fit. Creating positive vibes will help everyone acknowledge the cause in a realistic, yet positive, manner.

Most often, you will need a clean act which can appeal to several demographics and cultural backgrounds. However, if you aim for a well-defined audience, you can be more specific with the performers you pick.

Speaking of specificity, it is worth having a look at cancer fundraisers according to their size and location:

#1 Indoor Cancer Fundraising Event – Get Your Guests Inspired

With indoor cancer fundraisers, you are somewhat conditioned by the venue you are booking.

That said, we suggest that you opt for inspirational performers. Mind you; there’s no reason that they deliver a somber, heavy speech. Most inspirational speakers master the art of lightweight, uplifting acts, so make sure that you let them know you want a laid-back atmosphere at your event.

Plus, you will always have the option of other kinds of entertainment – like variety acts, for instance.

#2 Public Outdoor Events – Taking the Streets and Spreading the Wordpeople, lego

With an outdoor cancer fundraising event, there are more aspects which need be taken into account.

First, you have to plan it months in advance since raising awareness is equally important with raising cash. The key here is to find the right solution to balance these two purposes.

Start with a solid social media campaign and book your entertainment in advance, so that you can advertise it the right way.

If you are thinking of a community walk or run, you might want your entertainment to consist of a musical act which has the potential to impact all participants at once. 

Final Considerations

For the closing round, we would like to point out the fact that there’s no reason you should shy away from providing an uplifting time at a fundraiser supporting a health-related case.

So, the answer to the question in the title – Is entertainment a must for a cancer fundraising event? – is a definite ‘yes.’

A positive vibe is vital if you want to bring people together and trigger genuine enthusiasm which further brings in the funds you are aiming for.

The Grable Group Booking Agency is here to smoothen your path to entertainment success, so be our guest to have a look at – and maybe book – the talent we provide.

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