Entertainment Ideas for Charity Events – 3 Options You Need to Consider

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Written by Tim Grable

March 4, 2017

Charity events are complicated and time-consuming. There are specific steps you need to follow if you want to reach your goals. The most important of them is knowing your audience. People want to feel good. But why do so few organizers offer entertainment ideas for charity events?

Most of these fundraisers are built around great, noble causes. However, the events usually use ideas that are plain and simple – black tie themed parties, a marathon.

By going the extra mile, you can make sure your event stands out. Here are the most important three options you need to consider.

1. Clean Comedians one of the Best Entertainment Ideas for Charity Events

Entertainment Ideas for Charity Events - 3 Options You Need to Consider

Depending on your budget and how much funds you plan to raise, an entertainer is a very good idea. Of course, you need someone with experience. You need an artist or a comedian who did events like yours before. You need professionalism and results.

There are many speakers and clean comedians that do charity events. The perfect one for your event can be determined by your audience. But the entertainer can draw people to your event like a magnet.

Tom Arnold, for example. He is known by both TV and film audiences all over the world. He starred in several motion pictures and received a Golden Globe Award for writing and producing. He is a clean comedian that can turn your event into a resounding success.

2. Art and Magic

Everybody loves art. All people love magic. So if you’re looking for entertainment for your charity event, you should think about this option as well.

Heidi Schwartz is the world’s best live event painter. Many people heard about her and her performance. She offers your charity event a unique touch: Vibrant paintings. You can use them to raise money at auctions, or just offer them as a gift to your top donors.

An illusionist or a team of illusionists is a great idea as well. They can perform on your stage as the main event attraction. Or, they can just blend in and entertain people.

3. Inspire and Empower

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You need to understand that entertainment ideas for charity events doesn’t just mean fun and laughter. It can also mean something inspiring, something that would empower your donors to do more.

Lord John Taylor of Warwick is a person from whom many people can learn. In 1996, he became the only black peer in the upper house. Now he is a member of the House of Lords in the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

He is passionate about diversity – writing and speaking on the matter for many years now. He has been a successful business person as well. Lord John Taylor of Warwick can surely inspire and empower your charity event’s audience.

These are just three of the options you need to consider when looking for entertainment ideas for charity events.

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