Fundraiser Event Rules – How to Raise Awareness about Addiction

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Written by Tim Grable

September 10, 2017

Not all fundraisers are created equal. Some have more sensitive topics to cover, some don’t. Either way, there are certain best practices to be followed.

In any case, you will still have to prove your skill in abiding one of the toughest fundraiser event rules: raise awareness like there’s no tomorrow. 

Allocate enough time and resources to the awareness phase, and you will get a larger and better-targeted audience which grows by word of mouth.

For that, you need a compelling call to action. People who learn about it will have to spread the word to their families and circle of friends or acquaintances.

Today, it is about raising awareness about addiction. If you are in the middle of planning an addiction-related fundraiser, this article cannot be any more helpful.

Research, Build, Develop

This may sound like a product development process.  However, in fact, it is about the fundamental principles which should be at the core of your addiction-related fundraiser.

There are no clear-cut fundraiser event rules to be followed by all means. However, you still need to design a set of best practices to guide you when designing your target audience.

  • Research the community you are addressing by carrying out surveys
  • Then build it by organizing activities which help with raising awareness. They will make it easier for the community members to speak out and report cases. Ideally, you will want your community to acknowledge the issues which can occur, the fact that it is possible for them to occur and, the even more important fact, that action is way more indicated than blame and prejudice
  • Develop your community by organizing workshops, courses or meetings. A trick is also setting up conferences or events to which you can invite keynote or inspirational speakers. They are the surest way of spreading a message – no matter how serious – to a group of people.

At Grable group, we have a wide range of performers you can choose from. Moreover, in case you cannot really make up your mind, we can always assist you with pieces of advice drawn from extensive experience.Fundraiser Event Rules - How to Raise Awareness about Addiction

Provide Enough Data

Why should you do that?

Figures convey gravitas, so make sure you get your hand on national and local statistics on addiction and wrap them up in an accessible manner for everyone to get the grasp of.

This way, you will make sure the importance of your data sinks in.

Plus, you can also create the premise for people to ascertain the need for ongoing initiatives of the same kind. You need continuity and figures help you design the best strategies for a lasting impact.

Get the Big Players by Your Side

None of the fundraiser event rules could be instated without one essential element: the preliminary funding for organizing the event in the first place.

With addiction-related causes, you need extremely trustworthy partners to back you up. Try to involve:

  • educational NGOs
  • academic representatives
  • ER trainers
  • local pharmacy chains
  • local clinics.

Alongside other representatives, they can:

  1. get your message disseminated more effectively
  2. gain you the trustworthiness element people can be easily persuaded by.

Plus, they are instrumental in further phases which address addiction recovery.hands, people

Fundraiser Event Rules to Guide You

Addiction is among the causes which need long-term strategies to record a real impact.

For that to happen, you need to guide your efforts by a set of rules which work for your particular context.

It all depends on your ability to work out a lucrative process when it comes to instrumenting such impactful campaigns. It is one of our missions to help initiatives like yours, so we would say follow our website for more posts on fundraising event planning.

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