Fundraiser Ideas for Women You Need to Try This Year

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Written by Tim Grable

April 14, 2018

Fundraising events represent an effective method to raise funds for your non-profit organization and increase the awareness for the cause you are supporting.

To boost the exposure of your organization, you should try and organize events frequently so you can attract new donors and supporters on a regular basis.

The best fundraiser ideas for women involve a lot of responsibilities, which is why many beginner entrepreneurs tend to shy away from them.

It is undeniable, however, that they’re beneficial for your project’s future success. Moreover, if you’re on the lookout to do charity work directed to a female audience, you’ve come to the right place.

Fundraiser ideas for women aren’t in short supply!

Look no further than this article – we’ve put forth some of the best ideas to start a successful fundraiser for your female audience.

In this post, we want to try something different and give you a few fundraiser ideas for women you can try in the upcoming months to attract more females to your events. So, bookmark this post so you can review it whenever you run out of ideas.

Fundraiser Ideas for Women

1. Wine tasting

A wine tasting can be both educational and fun for the attendees. Aside from sipping some quality wine, the participants can also learn a few things about the assortments they are going to taste.

You can invite a wine connoisseur who can discuss and present the wine pairings. Make sure you do not forget about serving appetizers, such as cheese, crackers, and grapes.

For this type of event, you need to charge a fee for those who want to attend. A wine tasting represents a fantastic opportunity for women to bond with each other, even though they will meet for the first time that, tasting, glass

2. Fashion show

An idea your audience will fall in love with. Fashion shows are fitting fundraiser ideas for women, and they will bring out the inner designer in all your participants.

You can never go wrong when organizing a fashion show when organizing a fundraiser for women. Women love shopping and discovering new brands or styles, so your event will be a hit.

You can team up with a local designer or a local boutique store so they can showcase and present their creations at the fashion show.

The important thing here is that the designer or the boutique will agree to donate a percentage of the sales towards your nonprofit organization.

For the models, you can use some of the members of your organization or ask around to see if some of your friends would be interested in helping out modeling the creations.

Girl Power: the Best Fundraiser Ideas for Women   

More than just being a perfect fit, fashion shows leave the door open for engagement. Booths can be set up where participants can showcase their talent. Of course, modeling is also an option.

You could opt for setting an entrance fee, open up a donations box, the possibilities are there. Also, the event can be an excellent occasion to partner with retailers who may be interested in setting up a booth.

The show itself can be an excellent opportunity to get an expert on stage. Our suggestion, Carolyn Strauss. She is a high energy speaker with a knack for business and entertainment.

She has been a fashion show commentator, as well as a plus-size model for over two decades. If there’s anyone with the know-how for fashion shows, it’s Carolyn.

3. Dinner party

Dinner parties allow you to be as creative as you want. You can choose a specific theme for the event so the guests can dress up or in a certain color. You also need to consider picking a fancy location, delicious food and most importantly, the best entertainment.

To keep the guests engaged throughout the entire dinner party, you need to hire quality entertainment.

You have several options to choose from here: clean comedians, illusionists, visual arts performers, mentalists, jugglers, sand animation artists or inspirational speakers.

No matter which type of entertainment you choose, it is essential you pick someone your audience will enjoy.

4. Auction 

Auctions represent one of the most popular fundraiser ideas for women. You can even ask organization members to contribute with items.

Establish a minimum bid for all the items before the event starts to the participants will know what to expect.

To attract women to the auction, try to find sponsors who can offer items in the form of experiences, such as spa and hair treatments, manicures, relaxing massage sessions, gym memberships or city breaks.


5. A Level Up in Fundraiser Ideas for Women

Since you’ve put your project on the path of crowdfunding, keep in mind, all your participants have faith in seeing the respective project succeed.

As a result, a terrific idea to repay and reinforce their goodwill is through a memorable experience. As this article showcases, this is where entertainment is the tried and tested solution.

Our pro tip: group activities are great for getting the ball rolling for any entertaining activities.

If you want to take it a step further, you can hire a professional to be at the helm of the event. You will see tremendous improvement, and your audience will love it.

6. Start up a Bake Sale

The way to everyone’s heart is through their stomach, and a bake sale is the best occasion to test this.

Since everyone loves to try out new recipes, your participants will love to give a go at it. You can organize competitions, tasting sessions and even a cooking showcase.

One thing is for certain; there will be much activity going on.

  cook, cooking, bake, baking, bake sale

There are many ways to gather funds from this particular event. It can be done primarily by selling the goods, but it’s also a great opportunity to ask for sponsorships.

Whatever your approach might be, it’s undeniable that among fundraiser ideas for women, the bake sale is a delicious one!

The Most Important Lesson to Be Learned

If truth be told, an event idea comes second to how you play it out. The execution of the concept is what truly separates the generic events from those which will leave people telling stories.

Which is why pick any idea to your heart’s desire and make sure you execute it to the best of your abilities. It will leave a stellar impression.

Organizing Special Fundraisers for Women

These fundraiser ideas for women are an excellent source of inspiration you can use all year round, and they will help you raise more money for your cause.

Did you find the best idea for an event? Alternatively, are you looking for more options? Browse through our collection of performers and upgrade your events!  All that’s left for you to do now is decide which one you are going to start with.

Don’t forget that if you need to hire entertainment for your nonprofit events, you can always rely on us. If you want to get in touch, give us a call at (615) 283-0039.

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