What Fundraising Entertainment Must Have to Make People Care

Written by Tim Grable

March 12, 2017

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It is almost a given that fundraising entertainment is not just an easy kind of thing to accomplish.

If you think of it, the situation may seem paradoxical. On the one hand, event organizers have access to more and more entertainers and resources. Moreover, on the contrary, they sometimes struggle to find the kind of entertainment to make a difference.

However, you must remember: whatever the choice is, one aspect is decisive.

It is about how the event succeeds in making people care.

In this article, the emphasis is on finding the right way to tug at the participant’s heartstrings.

A Sense of Escapism

With 2016 being a year full of quite a lot of unfortunate events, more and more people are looking for relief.

While some work on their introspective skills, others seek for distractions. Moreover, others rally for charitable causes – a claim supported by some pretty impressive figures:

  • 3 out of 4 young adults are eager to get involved in money raising
  • on average, an American supports 4.5 charities
  • 69% of Americans donate to charities
  • individuals donations amass 72% of all benefactions
  • watching nonprofit videos determines 57% of people to take action and donate

These are just a few findings that confirm fundraising benefits from quite a strong donor base.

So much so, that when looking for fundraising entertainment event planners should strive to create a unique environment.

If possible, try to book an act that is fresh and doesn’t delve into daily struggles.

Broadening Horizons

When an escapist approach to fundraising entertainment is hard to find, opt for an informative act.

Whatever adds value to the guests’ cultural horizon would be much appreciated. Speakers who address challenging or culturally-enriching topics should be your target.

However, it is not only on the cultural horizon. Your fundraising entertainment can also convey enlightening life lessons or to cultivate empathy. To exemplify, we have former captain and pilot, the influential Scott O’Grady:

Fundraising Entertainment Should Speak to Donors’ Values

Some causes are so strong that they transgress cultural or age barriers.

But not all causes are born equal.

This is why fundraising entertainment has to touch on those values that have a proven record in driving people to contribute.

Let’s consider two scenarios:

  1. Your audience is a niche public. Chances are you know their set of values and what they respond to. If not sure, you can skim their social media profiles to research the topics they are most sensible too. Once you do this, you will know how to offer relatable content.
  1. Guests come from more varied backgrounds. The above social media strategy would be very time-consuming and probably less efficient. So it helps to go for fundraising entertainment of a broader spectrum. Clean comedy is an example.

Convey A Sense of Belonging

When fundraising events create a warm atmosphere where participants bond, the donor base has great potential to grow.

Who does not like to establish connections with like-minded individuals in an agreeable setting?

With this question in mind, try to design a fundraising event centered on community building. Once you see contributors bonding, you can expand your campaigns by creating social media sharing plans. It does not hurt to get even more people by your side.

What Fundraising Entertainment Must Have to Make People Care

Now that Christmas time is almost here take the time to look at how people manifest their carefulness and build on that for your next fundraiser.

For even more inspiration, stay tuned to our blog posts and let us know when you want to book one of our many amazing acts.

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