Fundraising Event Rules: How to Approach Event Marketing This Year

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Written by Tim Grable

March 1, 2018

A solid fundraising event rules book will always include a chapter dedicated to the promotional actions to be taken so that the fundraiser will reach your desired audience.

Given the dynamic environment that marketing is, it is worth having a look at how charity event planners should go about spreading the news about their cause.

Balance Is Key

When it comes to promoting your money-raising campaign, your mindset should be a balanced one, meaning that you need to take different approaches and use what is fitting to your needs.

For instance, you should not neglect off-site marketing (banners, flyers, press releases) just because online marketing seems to be what everyone else is doing.

Fundraising Event Rules: How to Approach Event Marketing This Year

Social Media

Although social networks seem like a free pass to getting loads of donors, we should never take them for granted. Just think of the latest Facebook newsfeed algorithm change which aims to reduce the number of posts published by brands and business pages.

This means you will engage fewer people with your social media content, so the ones you do manage to reach have to get the best content from you.

However, what does ‘best content’ mean and how can you integrate it with other fundraising event rules related to event promotion?

This year you will want to promote your cause with pieces like:

  • video,
  • Instagram stories,
  • infographics,
  • informative articles about your non-profit’s mission,
  • live broadcasts,
  • fun graphics,
  • interactive polls,
  • success stories.

Whatever helps people understand what you do in an informative, straightforward and interactive manner is worth sharing on social media and it is likely to work, regardless of future changes in social platforms features.

The key here is to have a solid editorial calendar that you put together well ahead and then only adjust a bit to include current news and events.

Be Surprising

Regardless of your approach, an essential aspect of the fundraising event rules is that you manage to build excitement for the upcoming event. 

Maybe you deliver constant updates to your audience’s inboxes to make sure they are well-informed about the ins and outs of what they are about to take part in.

Or maybe it better suits your cause that you share tidbits of your activity preceding the event. A fun poll or quiz, a clever call-to-action, and a cool photo gallery will catch the eye of many of your followers.

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What you can also take into consideration as a surprise element is hiring a headline performer. Share plenty of information about them so that your followers look forward to the entertainment you plan to offer.

Build Trust

You cannot expect for people to rally behind your cause from the first time they hear about you. With all the talk about fake news and the unreliability of online information, it has become more complicated to win people’s trust even when it comes to noble causes.

What’s to be done here is to start putting together a plan for a continuous brand building strategy.

It helps if you organize events like conferences, giveaways, contests or anything that could put you on your audience’s radar.

Especially with non-profits, people like to see an entity that’s very active within the community. That is when you will win them over. Because that is when they will feel like a part of something significant.

Fundraising Event Rules: Always Have a Plan for Promoting Events

Even if you are organizing events like school fundraisers, it is a good idea never to go easy about your event promotion.

You never know who’ll see your content and decide to support your non-profit.

4 Marketing Mistakes Nonprofit Organizations Need to Avoid

Nonprofit organizations need to be extremely careful when crafting messages, when building fundraising campaigns and, ultimately, with every action they take.

As the years go by, more and more nonprofits have started to discover their weaknesses, their strengths and also what they need to do to gain more visibility and attract donors.

The digital format has taken over almost every industry, even those that did not think they need to be present in the online environment.

The majority of the marketing mistakes that we are going to talk about in this article will focus more on the digital side. So sit back, enjoy and take some notes.

4 Marketing Mistakes Nonprofit Organizations Need to Avoid in 2016

Nonprofit organizations – Avoid these marketing mistakes

1. You do not have a clear brand mission
Even though you are a nonprofit organization, you still need to have a brand and mission. There are too many nonprofits that don’t receive any attention only because they have not stated what they are advocating and what their mission is.

Based on a nonprofit’s mission, donors will know whether they want to donate money or not.

A brand mission should convey what your organization does, who you are and, lastly, why people should be interested in what you do and why they should get involved with your campaigns.

2. You do not have/don’t promote entertainment for your events
Nonprofit organizations organize fundraisers and another type of events that help raise awareness regarding a precise cause all year long.

For nonprofits to maximize the participation of potential donors, they need to think about how they can make a fundraiser entertaining. The first step would be to think about hiring artists or speakers who will be able to set a particular mood for the event.

Moreover, it all comes down to taking advantage of social media and other places where you can promote the event so that it reaches the right audiences. If you do not promote it (even though you may have an excellent speaker), nobody will find out about your fundraising event.

3. You are not taking advantage of the power of visual marketing
Believe it or not, videos have a way higher rate of engagement than photos and text.

Many nonprofit organizations steer clear of video creation because they think it is very expensive since they usually don’t have much budget for their marketing.

However, the truth is you do not need to invest that much money in visual marketing. You just need the right tools and the right idea.

4. You do not do PR
The time when PR people kept sending mass emails with press releases, hoping that they would attract the attention of some publication, is long gone.

We are living in the storytelling era now.

Nonprofits can maximize the potential of PR incredibly quickly now by targeting the press that is most likely to publish their story. PR is affordable as long as the time is spent wisely building relationships with potential corporate sponsors or partners.

A quality crafted story is the key to PR success.

Make your nonprofit, even more, successful

We do hope that you’ve been taking notes when reading this article and, that this year, you will stop making these mistakes.

We also know that nonprofits organize many events for fundraising campaigns, and for those events, they choose speakers, comedians or artists to entertain the guests.

If you have an event coming up, and you want to hire an entertainer, you can check out our full list here and sort them by categories.

As for everything else that’s related to event planning and entertainment, feel free to contact us here.

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