The Best Fundraising Event Rules You Shouldn’t Be Missing on

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Written by Tim Grable

February 7, 2018

Are you ready for a new year of unforgettable, gripping and inspiring charity events?

Then it means you are all set up for success, with a solid strategy, better fundraising event rules, and clear-cut budget objectives.

After all, you genuinely want to offer your guests the best time possible, while also raising the funds you need.

Hence, we thought of coming to your aid with the most important rules you should stick to. If you want to stay relevant in the game, that is.

For every fundraising event you organize, you need to make sure you’re doing everything you can to raise as much money as possible, without wasting valuable resources, such as time and money.

Regardless of fundraiser size, there are a few fundraising event rules you need to follow which will help you maximize its success.

Fundraising Event Rules Which Will Help You Achieve Success

These types of events are still important for nonprofit organizations as they can help you create a stronger connection with the donors and sponsors.

Here are the rules you need to follow to organize successful fundraising events.

1. Keep the Focus on Fundraising

While it’s important to think about the event part of the fundraiser, fundraising event rules still apply.

This means you still need to:

  • establish relationships with donors and guests throughout the event
  • make asks – before and during the event
  • explain why people should get involved and support your cause.

2. Start Planning Months in Advance

Your fundraiser’s biggest event, which can be a gala or an annual dinner, will require a year-long planning effort so you can ensure you’ll raise as many funds as possible.

These type of fundraising events can prove to be the most important ones when it comes to raising money. The bigger the event, the more work will go into it, which means you’ll need to start the planning process sooner.

By having all of this time at your disposal, you will be able to cultivate relationships with current donors, add new prospects, get in touch with them and build new relationships.

3. Book Entertainment

Whether you book or not entertainment for your fundraising event can set it apart from the rest. Your guests will not only leave feeling more connected to your cause, but they will also enjoy themselves during the event.

When deciding on entertainment, you should take into account the guests’ profile, the type of fundraising you’re organizing, your cause and venue size.

4. Close More Sponsorships

Sponsors contribute a significant amount of money to nonprofit organizations in exchange for certain perks, such as exposure.

It’s important to identify potential sponsors and contact them a few months before your event so you can establish all the details beforehand.

The sponsorship is a two-way street, so make sure you present the other party’s benefits as well when crafting the proposal.

5. Calculate the Net Revenue

When organizing a fundraising event, it’s essential to take into account how much money you spent on event planning and how much money you were able to raise.

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Gross revenue represents the amount of money you were able to raise after the event, while net revenue defines the amount you managed to raise minus the event costs.

Calculating the return on investment for your fundraising activities can help you understand how effective the events you organized were.

6. Assess Your Resources

Most often than not, success is guaranteed by clarity and precision during the planning phase.

This leads to solid planning, better task distribution, and much effective time management.

If you want precision to be at the core of your fundraising event rules book, all you need is a detailed assessment of your organization.

How do you stand regarding staff?

The answer to this question could determine whether your organization is prepared to sustain event fundraising or whether it should use other methods -like mobile fundraising.

The 6 Fundraising Event Rules You Shouldn't Be Missing on

Or is it possible that a combination of the both would maximize your potential the best way?

In addition to that, you should also establish whether the number and type of events you plan for this year are fitted to your overall budget. If this is not the case, it is best if you stick to one smashing event this year than three sub-par ones.

In short: strategize to make an impression and also grow your company.

Follow These Fundraising Event Rules to Achieve Success

7. Set Clear Objectives

A fundraising event rules list could not omit this aspect.

Make clear objectives concerning:

  • the sum you want to raise
  • the number of people you plan on inviting to the event
  • the media outlets and strategies you are going to use
  • how much you want to expand your donor base
  • the number of new sponsors you need to get.

8. Refine Your Message

So you have updated your fundraising even rules list, and after the planning, part comes another equally important one: shaping up your message.

Because the message is what will first impact your target audience and reach their heartstrings.

If your message is related to a more abstract cause (like research), it is time to have a brainstorming session where you redefine it, so it complies with the current state of affairs in the field.  If your message is not that difficult to convey, you still need to think how you could tweak it for it to stay relevant.

9. Do Constant Research

Market research is not just for the retail industry.

It should also constitute one of the most important fundraising event rules because researching what potential donors need and what interests them helps with designing more engaging event topics.

Audience research will also establish whether you need better connections or more media coverage to reach the desired category of contributors.

Plus, you should have an ongoing strategy for researching the best entertainers to hire. You should always have at hand a list of a few acts you think will fit the events, then contact them in advance and see who’s available.

music,artist, band

Researching this aspect in advance could reveal that you do not have the time to deal with all the entertainment part and thus you need an entertainment booking agency to help you out.

10. Schedule Strategically

This is a critical point if you plan on large-scale events with lots of attendees.

You will want as many people as possible at the event, so you have to avoid scheduling them during vacation times or important events (e.g., The Super Bowl, the National Day, Halloween).

11. Express Your Gratitude

Fundraising is based on trust, so the tighter your relationship with donors is, the more you will be able to gather for your cause(s).

So it would be a smart move on your part to think of gifts and rewards to send to your contributors on special occasions (like organization milestones or completion of complex campaigns).

You will need a separate strategy for corporate/enterprise partners and the rest of the donor base. The former category consists of long-term contributors, so offering signs of your gratitude will build stronger ties with them.

The idea is you include this in our yearly plan and always have it in sight and stay within budget as well.

Do You Abide These Fundraising Event Rules?

By holding a great fundraising event, you will encourage the attendees to tell their friends about it and even bring them at the next one.

Also, if your fundraiser gets press coverage, it may raise the interest of other businesses as well which can consider becoming sponsors for a future event.

These fundraising event rules are not hard to follow, and the benefits you will see from applying them are going to be worth it.

A surprisingly large number of organizations do not tick all the boxes when it comes to their event management.

That is why it would be a strategic move on your part if you considered approaching your event strategy with fierce discipline. 

As far as we, at The Grable Group, are concerned, you can leave it to us to come up with top-notch entertainment so you can work exclusively on the other parts of your event strategy.

In case your nonprofit needs the best entertainment for a fundraiser, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (615) 283-0039.

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