13 Quick and Easy Fundraising Events Ideas Which Raise Money for Charity

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Written by Tim Grable

February 4, 2019

There are countless ideas you can use to raise funds for your nonprofit organization, which means that you do not need to reiterate the same idea over and over again.

Also, the more creative an event idea is, the higher the chances to boost the awareness of your organization and the cause you are advocating for.

The right fundraising event ideas can make a big difference in attracting more donors and sponsors throughout the year.

Whether you are just getting started in fundraising or you need some inspiration, this post will give you the best ideas you can use to raise more money this year.

Fundraising Event Ideas Which Help Raise Money for Charity

If you’re struggling to continually find new fundraising events ideas which boost donations and don’t take forever to implement, then you are not alone.

Coming up with fresh ideas for events is one of the most common challenges charity event planners face nowadays.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of 13 ideas which are quick to implement but still engaging enough to get people involved. So make sure to keep reading.

12 Quick and Easy Fundraising Events Ideas Which Raise Money for Charity

1.  Virtual Gala

Take advantage of the opportunity to leverage a more significant number of people to the mission of your non-profit by Livestream. Utilizing non-traditional mediums like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to fundraise for your organization can bring awareness of your organization to an entirely new demographic, potentially growing your support base at the same time.

Your virtual donors watch a live stream of your online program from home. Your virtual gala could include a musical performance, a clean comedian, or a live artist. Your supporters can dress up and upload photos or videos that you can share via Livestream, or they can watch from home in their pajamas! You save money on an expensive venue while your attendees can participate from the comfort of their own home.

2. Gourmet Food Tasting

Reality TV cooking shows are a hit amongst audiences of all ages. So why not put a fundraising spin on it? You can organize your very own culinary show and give donors a chance to see professional chefs at work.

Get local chefs from the best restaurants in your community involved by asking them to each create a signature dish at your event. Those who buy a ticket for your fundraisers will get to have a taste from all of the recipes and have fun trying out new food items.

To further boost your event’s revenue, you can consider raffling off a gift certificate for dinner at a local restaurant.

3. Book Sale

Start a campaign on social media and ask people to donate their favorite books to charity. You can also reach out to staff members and your list of supporters for this.

Take time to do some research on the books you collect. In the case of first-edition books or signed collector’s items, you should consider holding an auction as a highlight of the event.

Top-tier items can end up selling for big bucks if the presentation is right. To up the chances of the most expensive books selling, consider also inviting local celebrities or philanthropists.

4. Fortune Cookies Themed Event

Who can resist the urge to know their future, right?

Even if it’s just a game, those little fortune cookies make a unique and effective fundraising idea at any event. That’s because it appeals to a fundamental part of what makes humans tick: curiosity.

You could sell the cookies as is and offer guests a chance to know their future or you could host a raffle and use the cookies as novelty tickets. Some tickets will have the message Winner inside, but most of them will contain the words Sorry, try again.

This way, you increase the odds of people buying more than just one fortune cookie.

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5. Art Exhibit Fundraiser Event

Are there any talented painters, photographers or sculptors in your community? See if they are willing to showcase their work at your event in the interest of selling – giving a percentage of the profit to your charity.

In addition to helping you raise funds, this idea also benefits the artists who can get their talent seen by more people.

If this is one of the fundraising events ideas which appeal to you, then an entertainer like Heidi Schwartz would be an excellent addition to your event.

Heidi is the world-leading live painter who creates memorable interpretive paintings which capture the essence of an event.

With an incredible use of colors and brush strokes, Heidi will convey the atmosphere of your fundraiser into a painting by highlighting the most important details of the event and the passion of those attending.

At the end of the night, you will be able to auction or raffle off the painting to raise money for charity.

If you are interested in booking Heidi Schwartz for your event, you can get more details here.

6. Candles for Charity Sale Event

Start by reaching out to companies in your area, asking them to donate a box of candles which best represents their brand, candles which you’ll then display at your event in hopes of selling.

Chances are most companies will jump at the opportunity to promote their brand, so they will also put some real effort and thought into creating beautiful, unique and high-quality candles.

To generate buzz around the event, you can take pictures of the candles which will be up for sale and post them on your organization’s social media accounts. Encourage people to bring their friends and family members and shop together.

Also, consider hosting a short class at your event where donors will learn the basic of making candles; it will give them one more incentive to attend.

This is a particularly great idea for the festive, winter months when everyone’s appeal for buying nice-smelling candles seems to grow exponentially. Other good times to run this type of fundraiser are just before Easter, Valentine’s Day and Thanksgiving.

7. Talent Show

This is one of those fundraising events ideas which let you tap into your local talent pool.

You can keep it low-key and ask a few gifted people in your community to showcase their talents. You can even host the event outside, in a garden, for instance.

If you want to do more than raise awareness for your cause, though, then you can kick it up a notch. Organize auditions and team up with a local theatre or community center to host the competition.

To raise money for charity, you can ask an entry fee for the event. It’s also a good idea to get a professional entertainer onboard to get more people excited about attending.

Look for someone like top ventriloquist Kevin Johnson who has experience with nonprofits and whose high-energy show can appeal to children, seniors and everyone in between.

Kevin Johnson, AGT, Puppet, comedy

8. Challenge Fundraiser Event

Build your next fundraising event around challenging people to give up their dessert for one day.

The concept is pretty straightforward. Ask event attendees to donate the amount of money they would spend on a dessert that day. You could even create compelling visuals and print out statistics which show the impact of their donations.

For instance, how the amount of money one would spend on a bowl of ice cream could be used to feed a starving child in an undeveloped country for an entire day.

This is a great way to not only raise money for charity but also send a powerful message: that even the smallest donation can make a big difference in the life of someone who needs it.

To expand your reach, encourage your donors to share their gesture on social media using a special hashtag you’ve created. It’s a great way to attract new supporters to your organization.

9. Charity Run

Fundraising Event Ideas Which Can Help You Raise More Money

Charity runs represent a popular way of fundraising that people get involved in quite a lot. You can organize a 5k to get more people to join your cause. A longer run may make your audience hesitant about participating because your audience will not be formed exclusively by athletes.

Aside from the entry fee, one way you can maximize this idea is to keep in touch with the participants after the event is over and let them know what your organization is up to.

10. Benefit Concert

Benefit concerts are one of the most convenient fundraising event ideas you can throw, and they are appropriate for nonprofits of all sizes.

Here you need to think about the size of the event, where you can host it, and how many people you want to attract.

Then, after you have determined the scale of your event, you can think about the music genre and whether you want to bring in a band or a solo artist.

11. Silent Auction

Silent auctions are held without an auctioneer, and the way people place bids is by writing them on paper. This type of auctions can be extremely successful at engaging the participants. The key thing here is to find which type of items are going to excite your audience and increase their involvement.

The better the auctions turn out, the higher the chances that they attendees will create an association between your organization and the memory they will make with the item.

That is why we recommend going for prizes which are not material and rather focused on creating experiences, such as trips, concert tickets, outdoor activities, spa days or cooking classes.

12. Movie Night

movie, theatre

A movie screening or even a marathon is one of those team fundraising event ideas which can help you raise money quickly by selling tickets, snacks, drinks, and suggested donations.

Before or after the event, you can hold a short speech and tell the participants more about your organization and its goals to encourage them to support you in the future as well.

13. Dinner Party

If you are looking for a special idea, you can organize a dinner party. For this type of event, it is imperative to come up with exciting activities which will motivate people to attend and support your cause.

Aside from having delicious food, a beautiful venue and offering networking opportunities, we recommend hiring entertainment.

The right type of entertainment can motivate more people to show up, and it will 100% make their evening extremely enjoyable.

Which Fundraising Event Ideas You will Go for This Year?

You can implement one of the ideas we presented every few months if you do not have a big team which can help you organize them.

Either way, you can get creative with them, especially when it comes to organizing the concert and the dinner party because you can choose from a variety of artists and performers.

Never Run out of Fundraising Events Ideas Again!

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