The Complete Guide to Organizing a Comedy Cafe


Written by Tim Grable

September 22, 2017


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Organizing a comedy cafe – or comedy club – comes with its specific set of challenges.

First off, you are faced with the particular nature of this event. It is mainly a sort of large-scale banquet aimed at fundraising in support of the YFC (Youth for Christ) Christian organization.

Their mission is to create communities of dedicated young Christians who can change a community from within. A strong emphasis is put on involvement with social issues – which is why they have made a habit out of holding fundraising banquets to sustain this effort.

We will go through four essential aspects you need to know before planning a comedy cafe which reaches its full potential.

1. The Right Content Which Drives Donations

When organizing a comedy cafe, your main focus should be on passing on the YFC mission as clearly as possible. That is because you need to showcase the best stories which inspire donors to support the YFC cause featured within the event.

A good practice here is keeping in mind donors have an idea of what they want to donate.

So, you need to give them a strong reason why they should contribute. Emphasize the results of the latest YFC missions, gather testimonies and design a ‘thank you’ message to past contributors – all these can be best wrapped up in a video clip which proves the dedication to the ministry cause.A 4-Step Guide to Organizing a Comedy Cafe Which Reaches Full Potential

2. Keep a Low Profile

Yes, this is a banquet, but keep in mind the venue should not allow for too much decorum. You need to keep things simple, yet effective. A candy bar or a snack bar goes right in there with the overall feel of the event.

This happens because the focus of the event is conveying a vibe and not necessarily wowing participants with interior design.

3. Music

Since this is a faith-focused event, make sure you do not play any musical genre which is not suited to a Christian environment.

The safest route is to take part in a YFC event and get an idea of what they usually opt for. Then, head over to perform your research, seek an insider’s advice and choose instrumental, country or Christian pop sounds.positive

4. Inspire Positivity

Each comedy cafe should be a celebration of virtue, faith, and youth. So, it naturally follows that you should aim for an overall animated vibe.

You want to empower, inspire and drive people to do good deeds out of their own will.

Achieve this by carefully selecting a clean comedy act as the centerpiece of your event. Attendees are part of a specific audience which enjoys quality, original entertainment.

An act meeting these requirements, while also rounding up the event is Daren Streblow.

His thought-provoking and multi-layered observational comedy are a Godsend regarding weaving together aspects which entertain the youth. Here’s just a small demonstration of this concept:

Daren Streblow: Technology

Organizing a Comedy Cafe Is no Small Feat

The YFC is a renowned Christian organization which has been carrying out its mission for years.

They are known for the dedication and positive influence they exert on the American youth, so you need to be on top of your game when organizing a comedy cafe for one of their centers. 

Since comedy is central to this type of event, you will want the strongest comedian you can get. At Grable Group, we can offer a large palette of clean comedy masters to choose from. Waste no more time and contact us to learn what acts are available for your next comedy cafe.

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